AKan Is Hopeful On “Mensei Da” featuring Efya

One thing is for sure: AKan is unique. Saying he can rap now rings like a cliche. Rapping is the easiest part of his craft; something he keeps revealing one song, one feature, one verse at a time. Across his previous bodies of work, from his debut self-titled EP “Akan” to his magnum opus “Onipa Akoma”, and a string of […]

Throwback: Adina Sings “Don’t Judge Me”

It is incredible to think Adina Thembi has had a ten-year stint in the music industry, albeit a period of ‘silence’ due to academic pursuits at a point. The talented singer first registered her presence on the music scene as a contestant on ‘’Stars of The Future’’, a music reality show in 2008. The singer would go on to win […]

Video: Sarkodie And Efya Affirm Their ‘Love’ On “Saara”

Magic happens whenever Sarkodie and Efya join forces on a song. The chemistry between the two is outstanding, with both parties offering their best shot. There appears to be a subliminal friendly competition between the two parties- one that is more complimentary than the outshining another on a record. “Saara” produced by MOG affirms this forcefully. The fourth single off […]


THE CUTS reviews songs, videos or albums we think deserve your attention. The songs or videos covered are not genre and/or region specific. Once it is good, it would be reviewed or featured. THE CUTS is available every FRIDAY. Ayat ft Efya – For You Ayat has been busy these few months with his releases; something he is continuing from […]

On ‘WILDLIFE’, Bryan The Mensah Offers Sage Wisdom About Life and Love.

The fissures of love, when it ends could be all consuming, especially when the affair ends without a watertight resolution. Whereas one party would take a walk into the blazing sun, the jilted partner may end up nursing their loss. The relationship after the breakup might never be friendly, again. The bile that it may birth ends up poisoning everything, […]


THE CUTS review songs, videos or albums we think you need to hear or see. The music covered are not genre and/or region specific. Once it is good, it would be reviewed here. THE CUTS is available each FRIDAY Nana Benyin – Happy Place Finally, Nana Benyin aka Rumor, has stepped out of his long hiatus following the release of […]

Efya’s Latest “Whoman; Woman” Is a Celebration of Womanhood

  When was the last time you heard award winning songstress, Efya sing in a tone that’s so relax and almost playful? Well, on her new single “Whoman; Woman“- the first in 2018- she takes that path, laying an inspirational song that celebrates the African woman and mothers. The song title is a play on the question: Who’s A Man […]

Adomaa, Efya sing about Freedom on new song

‘E.F.Y Adomaa’ won’t be a bad group name. Neither will it be a bad title for a joint project, be it an album or EP (yes, it’s an EP season lately). E.F.Y.ADomaa is a nice, ring-able name mentioned a couple of times on the new song released by singer/songwriter Adomaa (as an intro). ‘Free’, as song is titled, is a […]