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Ayat ft Efya – For You

Ayat has been busy these few months with his releases; something he is continuing from from 2018. After delivering tunes like ‘Honey’, ‘Shagantaka’ and ‘Stages’, the ‘Guda’ hitmaker returns with another soothing song that delves into the concept of love. ‘’For You’’ is a mellow song that showcases the emotional side of Ayat. Replete with confessional lyrics about love delivered in both pidgin, Ga and Hausa dialects, ‘’For You’’ carries a lovely warmth.

Ayat’s vulnerability is showcased on the bridge of the song when he croons with the conviction of a first time lover. Efya appears to do what she knows how to do best: bringing a touch of class, radiance and vocal flavouring to the song courtesy her melodic delivery. The only disappointment is that, her verse ends exactly when you are warming to the song. This might be my second favourite song from Ayat after the evergreen ‘Play For Keeps’. These songs are enough validation of Ayat’s versatility. And if you are smitten, this should be your go to song. Big ups to PlugN6ix for stitching a good production work together.

Alee –Kae Me

My first introduction to Alee was off Worlasi’s ‘Mawena’. Now, the songstress has released her debut single under the #emPawa100’ initiative. The highlife ballad ‘’Kae Me’’ (Remember Me) has Alee reminiscing about her previous relationship- how she can’t forget the impression he had on her and wonders if her ex thinks of her like she does.

On the second verse, she questions if ‘ebi your fault we went our separate ways’’ before acknowledging the unpredictability of relationships. A line like ‘’hope you found someone better’’ points to a relationship that did not end rancorously. On ‘’Kae Me’’, produced by Nii Quaye, Alee exhibits her beautiful singing prowess: hitting the low notes with precision. One distinguishing quality about these female #emPawa100 entries are the brilliant vocal quality on display. There is everything to love about it.

Reynolds The Gentleman – Ewurama

The last time I wrote anything about Reynolds, I made the point that, he needs not to chase trends. He should pursue what interest him. I also took a dig at his recent songwriting skills. So, hearing his new song ‘’Ewurama’’ delights my heart. The song is an ode to Ewurama, whom I presume is his bae. Reynolds’ voice is whispery and tender; the singing is flawless and the production is jazzy. Similar to the caressing tone of the song, the lyrics aren’t over the top: they are delightful, assuring and beautifully composed. ‘’Ewurama’’ feels like gentle raindrops on a window pane. I want to hear more of this good stuff from Rey.

Bryan The Mensah – Assumptions

One of the things I admire Bryan The Mensah for is his penchant to draw listeners attention to subjects that are important. He peppers his songs with life improvement edicts, which is quiet fascinating considering how young he is. ‘Assumptions’ was his entry song to #emPawa100’’ contest. The song preaches against idling around and challenges all to ‘go outside’ and be useful. He also reminds the listener against comparing their hustles with others: ‘’if you give it to the pressure, you’ll be living without the answers’.

The video for ‘Assumptions’ is an exciting piece of work. The storyline follows a guy who had an argument with his girlfriend over his ‘always-at-home’ lifestyle. He storms out of the house to get something doing. The rest of the video follows his pursuit from dawn to dusk. The video is funny especially the Circle scenes.

Lykay feat Manuel Ossei – Begging You

Lykay is one of my favourite rappers out here. His calm demeanor shines through records. And his voice is one you can listen to without getting bored. Plus, Lykay doesn’t just piece words together for the sake of it; each line feeds into a broader narrative. This quality shines across ‘Begging You’’, a chilling and smooth tune built around hard piano chords, reverb aesthetics and horns. Lykay appeals to his girl to take him back after cheating on her. Lykay is aware she won’t forgive him for ‘breaking his promise’ to her, but, he’s still hopeful she might have a change of heart. Performing hook duties, Manuel Ossei flips Ceelo Green’s ‘’Fuck You’’ to suit the theme of the song. If you are unfamiliar with Lykay, I hope this would be your opportunity to explore his music.

TSD – Feels

The TSD guys are back again with a brand new single ‘’Feels’’. Over an afro-hip hop beat with a neatly tucked sample, the rappers take turns to pour over their feelings for a girl. Employing dancehall vibes (on the hook), rap and a sing- rap style, they make a pitch to the girl(s) while acknowledging the haze of love they are trapped under. Produced by Perry Mingle, ‘’Feels’’ carries a mid-tempo aura; its groovy and melodic. ‘’Feels’’ has the potential to become a big record if handled the right way.

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