The CUTS: EP 07 Vol 1

THE CUTS is a weekly review of newly released songs and videos. The songs and videos covered are not genre or region-specific. Once we find it dope, we’ll share our thoughts on it here. BRYAN THE MENSAH: Problem No Dey Finish “Problem No Dey Finish” is a phrase that encapsulates what makes life and living it a trip. No matter your […]

Evolution of Hip Hop And The DIY Acumen of Ghanaian Acts

Armed with DIY (Do It Yourself) spirit, hip hop artists in Ghana are finding ways beyond their talents to evolve with the times as they sell their creativity to the rest of the world In the aught of 1994, Reggie Rockstone and DJ Rab Bakari randomly met and together changed the face of Ghana music for the better. Reggie Rockstone, […]

Bryan The Mensah Has The “MEDICINE”

The New Year is upon us. So is new music from Bryan The Mensah. The rapper has chosen this day – which doubles as his birthday to open his musical account with a new single titled “MEDICINE”. The single also came with a video. The record does not deviate from the music style of Bryan The Mensah: the lyrics are […]

Bryan The Mensah Has Hit “Level 2” On His Own Game.

The Bunny Sigler sample from “Shake Your Booty” set the record up right. With its not so conspicuous trap drums and head nodding bounce from the production boards of OKAIWAV, Bryan The Mensah rips through the beat with his unmistakable sing-rap delivery. The message: money dreams. That is, the young rapper has his eyes set on things bigger than just […]

The CUTS: EP 05 VOL. 11

THE CUTS is a weekly review of songs, videos and albums you need to hear. The songs and videos covered are not a genre and/or region specific. Once it is good, it would be reviewed or featured. Yung Bazz – Untill Next Time (UNT) It always pays to keep things concise especially music. That way, the artist places his best […]


THE CUTS reviews songs, videos or albums we think deserve your attention. The songs or videos covered are not genre and/or region specific. Once it is good, it would be reviewed or featured. THE CUTS is available every FRIDAY. Ayat ft Efya – For You Ayat has been busy these few months with his releases; something he is continuing from […]

Top 15 Albums According To Us

2018 has been a good year for music. A lot of artists released various, exciting body of works and top singles. Whereas some big name artists continued to make an impression both locally and international in their quest to push their brand, the young emerging acts kept the heat on by releasing some of the best works within the year. […]

On ‘WILDLIFE’, Bryan The Mensah Offers Sage Wisdom About Life and Love.

The fissures of love, when it ends could be all consuming, especially when the affair ends without a watertight resolution. Whereas one party would take a walk into the blazing sun, the jilted partner may end up nursing their loss. The relationship after the breakup might never be friendly, again. The bile that it may birth ends up poisoning everything, […]