REVIEW: “I Don’t Feel Like Going Outside”; Me Too BRYAN, Me Too.

As at publishing this review, BRYAN THE MENSAH’s EP “I Don’t Feel Like Going Outside” (IDFLGO) had earned 30K streams on Boomplay Music; a good feat considering the EP has been out for close to a week. This steaming statistic for “IDFLGO” is unsurprising. The content of the EP resonates with many and confirms the growth of BRYAN THE MENSAH as an artiste.

Growth in one’s craft is something many aspire for. In a competitive space like music – and life itself, refusal to grow with the time comes with a self-destructive button. Longevity and all the perks associated with it is not achieved in one swoop; albeit luck does shine on a few. For the majority, hard work, curiosity and the zeal to learn and unlearn is their call of duty.

If you’ve been keeping taps on BRYAN THE MENSAH from 4 years ago, you’d have noticed his evolution with each project he drops. His 2016 release, ‘’Friends With The Sun’’ and ‘’Wildlife’’in 2018 are not the same. There are variations with each projects. That evolutionary change is present on “I Don’t Feel Like Going Outside” (IDFLGO in short). The basic theme of money- chasing it and the dilemma it presents forms the bedrock of this 4 song project.

Also, BRYAN THE MENSAH cracked open a new creative channel with respect to production duties. Since last year, he has been working with other producers, including forming a strong bond with OKAIWAV. This has taken off some load off the rapper, songwriter and producer’s hands. Also, this has afforded him an opportunity to challenge his creativity. And like BRYAN THE MENSAH admitted in an earlier chat, OKAIWAI has influenced his own sound and creativity.

‘’IDFLGO’’ begins with the trap heavy “Forbes List”. The song is undergirded by a voice note from Kiddfresh on how Bryan’s music ‘motivates’ him, thus encouraging to never stop. He ends by hoping for Bryan to succeed in his career. But, putting in the desire work comes before the perks of success. That is, before the ‘extra cheese, extra cheeese‘ phase, there is probably a low phase and it takes certain faith to stride past it.

Having friends who believe in you is motivation-worthy, especially as an artiste. The best ones have to be those long inspiring voice notes you receive with a ‘keep going’ message. “Forbes List” has one of those voice notes sprinkled all up on it like parsley and it goes pretty well with the content of the song. It’s all about the journey to the top! “Forbes List” was definitely the best song to begin the EP.

Just give me racks/ Set my life at ease/I like my salary just how I like my Pizza/Extra cheese, extra cheeesseee. – A relatable lyric from ‘Forbes List’

“Deposits” is an everyday mood, since no one really wants to face a deficit. It’s really hot out here ‘cause ‘Accra we dey/Everybody get e own rounds’. What better way to have a song appropriate for our bank days? Tulenkey and BRYAN THE MENSAH capture the motivation behind the daily grind of the youth- and more on this ‘for radio’ afropop jam.

First time I saw Bryan The Mensah perform, I walked up to him afterwards to tell him how much I loved one of his songs – Cocoa Faces. It made me want to “fuck shit up”. “Dimirika” is that song for me now. ‘The money you dey owe me I no fit shout/Nigga, you know its a big amount/ Mehu s3 wo chilli kraa ne wo girl/ You posted a video for the.. Ghanafuo 3ne clout!’ , he raps on the record.

Produced by OKAIWAV, “Dimirika” is a roof-raising anthem thanks to the catchy trap drums and its are infectious bounce that adorn it. To hear OKAIWAI say he was not optimistic about the record becoming the most notable off the EP after recording it had me shocked. It’s quite easy to note why “Dimirika” is making waves: BRYAN THE MENSAH introduced some catchy, easy to remember references on the record like the stretched out “AAHHHH” and the hook which he delivered in both Twi, patois and English. Though I don’t have debtors at the moment, listening to the song puts me in the mood to get back my money and fuck some shit up! I can’t even fight but.. yes. 

The EP ends with a song about choices, especially the ones we make after our profits. We have days where we really just want to pile up our money for the future. Other days, we just want to go out with the boys and have the time of our lives, ‘cos the hustle ain’t cheap’, as Kanye West said on ”No Church In The Wild”. But we all know having the time of our lives usually involves money. What do we do then? BRYAN THE MENSAH asks: Go hang with the boys and have the time of my life?/ Or go make a boring ass choice the probably gon’ triple my price?

In the era of streaming, keeping the EP at four records creates a replay value for it. BRYAN THE MENSAH and LYZA (his manager and A&R) were able to knit the themes together in one whole. “I Don’t Feel Like Going Outside” is BRYAN THE MENSAH’s most fun tape in his growing catalogue. Now that we know why he does not like going out, it would be interesting to hear his views on what lies outside when he finally steps out.

Listen to the EP here: