Beeztrap KOTM Is A Man With Big Ambitions and Dreams

Kofi Ohzmahn spent time with the talented Beeztrap KOTM, learning about his musical journey from his days drumming in church to making chart topping records. Edwin Eshun, professionally known as Beeztrap KOTM (King of The Moment), a rising star from Kumasi who has built his legacy as a part of the budding Asakaa Movement, hails from Cape Coast in the […]

Afrofusion Artist, DARKUA Is Here and Ready To Go

Ever since I caught her performance for her single ‘’Amalelor’’, I made a mental note to check out the Afrobeats / AfroSoul artiste’s catalogue. What got me interested? Her stagecraft, choosing to perform a live set instead of the normal miming over dj set and her vocals. She does not possess a Whitney Houston or Beyonce-esque vocal abilities, but she […]

Interview: Lamie Is Looking Forward To Better Days

One of the exciting things about the music industry is the fact that, each day brings with it a new voice, a new talent with enough potential to earn their stripes. Talk to them and they all hold the same dreams: they all want to succeed, make an impact and leave behind a body of work that would influence a […]

TMSKD DJ: ”The Reception To The Alte Scene Needs To Be Reevaluated”

TMSKD DJ (The Masked DJ) has been growing her prominence on the DJing circuits with her experimental music selections and amazing skill set. In addition to this, is her efforts at placing the shine on other women creatives through her annual ‘’Femme Vibes’’ concert. After years of playing across the city of Accra, TMSKD DJ was invited to this year’s […]

BiQo: My Goal of Making Music Is To Create Experiences

If there’s one great thing the internet has done for artists, it is the grain of confidence it has handed them to be whoever they want to be; creatively speaking. For the few brave ones who find happiness in playing the game from the outfield, their decision is often rewarded by the number of fans who genuinely appreciate their creation. […]

Spotlight: Meet Dylan Hansen; The Brilliant Mind Behind Serallio

How does a man who doesn’t enjoy parties and being in the midst of many people, end up running one of the most exciting nightlife spots in the city of Accra? ‘’The idea was not what it is now. I wanted to create a space where a few friends and I could hang out and have a good time’’. The […]

Spotlight: How Digital Artist/Illustrator Feoisugly Went From Paying His Dues to Getting Paid His Dues

  ‘Time and communication, those are the major keys. It sounds obvious but if you slip up on those fronts, everything else crumbles’. For most illustrators or digital artists, comic strips are usually the fire that sparks their interest- their minds become the gun powder. But, for Prince Ampofo Bonsu, known as FeoIsUgly, his interest was sparked by watching cartoons […]

Interview: Yung Pabi Discusses ”BushMan” And Why Honest Lyrics Matter

Ask Yung Pabi what music means to him and his answer is as direct as the lyrics he shares on his songs: “Music is the art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions by using rhythms and melody”. Since the release of his socially conscious song ‘’BushMan’’, the rapper has seen his stock steadily rising. His name is becoming recognizable […]