Beeztrap KOTM Is A Man With Big Ambitions and Dreams

Beeztrap KOTM Is A Man With Big Ambitions and Dreams

Kofi Ohzmahn spent time with the talented Beeztrap KOTM, learning about his musical journey from his days drumming in church to making chart topping records.

Edwin Eshun, professionally known as Beeztrap KOTM (King of The Moment), a rising star from Kumasi who has built his legacy as a part of the budding Asakaa Movement, hails from Cape Coast in the Central region of Ghana. Eshun grew up in Santasi, a suburb of Kumasi. He discovered he had a natural inclination towards music in primary school, inspired by his appetite for drumming in church, where his mother and sister were part of the choir. Music has always been a shared experience and passion in his house. He noted that one of his uncles had a recording studio; which was pivotal in shaping his interest and career as an artist. His uncle helped him record his first song after informing him about his passion for music.

Beeztrap KOTM’s interest in pursuing music was boosted while attending Kumasi Anglican Senior High School after crossing paths with a fundamental figure in his musical journey—his producer friend, Stichez. This opportune encounter marked the beginning of a partnership that would shape the trajectory of his career. He dropped ‘’Abrabɔ Yɛ Hard’’ after senior high school. With the help of his friend, Winter, radio stations warmly received the record, giving it airplay, much to his delight.

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In the nascent stages of his artistic voyage, Beeztrap KOTM delved into the world of music by crafting renditions of popular songs. Starting with covers of renowned tracks, hehoned his skills, using these renditions as a canvas to evolve his talent and style. His distinct voice and musical identity began to take shape, setting the stage for his original compositions and how it is seamlessly blended it into all the songs we hear from him today.

Beeztrap KOTM has emerged as a trailblazer in the realm of hip-hop/hiplife and rap. His musical canvas portrays his church background and the urban pulse of Kumasi. Through his tracks ‘’Long Distance Relationship’’ and ‘’Radio’’, he demonstrates an artistic side that reflects his musical palate and mastery of his sound. His music is a testament to his craft, and his advocacy for authenticity echoes in every produced song he releases.

Photo Credit: Beeztrap KOTM

With the support of Stichez, the journey to achieve his dream has been easier. It was through Stitchez that he met another rapper Okese 1, and finally the Asakaa family, which has since become the goose laying all the golden eggs in the music industry. Stichez first played ‘’Long Distance Relationship’’ to Reggie (of Asakaa fame) who expressed his desire to work with him which eventually led to Jay Bahd and O’Kenneth jumping on the record.

He got Beeztrap KOTM on tour with them, earning plaudits among the ever-growing Asakaa fanbase. Eshun then dropped, ‘’Cinderella’’, arguably his biggest song,  with his newfound family. The success of ‘’Cinderella’’-both on the internet and mainstream radio- cemented him as one of the ‘’golden children’’ of Ghanaian music. His presence offers a refreshing feeling into the Asakaa momentum, as he furthers the reach of the movement through his music. He credits the movement for playing a very instrumental role in his newfound success.

Recently, Beeztrap KOTM dropped an EP titled ‘’Different Type of Gangster’’, on which he chronicles his life journey. This introspective compilation not only delves into his experiences but also acknowledges his Christian background, contrasting elements of his life with an unfiltered and sincere delivery. Artists usually pick their favorite records because of special reasons. ‘’Emotions’’ and ‘’Ebesi’’, off the EP, hold a special place in Eshun’s heart as they represent pivotal moments in both his life and artistic journey. ‘’Emotions’’ encapsulate raw vulnerability, his past, and some friends that contributed to his journey as an artist. ‘’Ebesi’’ reassures the listener that there is hope for better outcomes no matter what happens in life.

As Beeztrap KOTM continues to ascend, he indicates that he has ambitions and dreams. The fear he wrestles with is that he may not be able to achieve all that he has set his mind to accomplish. But fear is only as powerful as one allows it to be. He assures his fans that the future is bright, and they should expect nothing but the best from him. He recently released a new single ‘’ Bottom Pawa’’ to close out the year featuring his frequent collaborators, The Asakaa Boys.

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