Ayisi Dazzles With Live Rendition of “Can I Live”; Watch Worlasi’s ”Who The F” Video

Ayisi Dazzles With Live Rendition of “Can I Live”; Watch Worlasi’s ”Who The F” Video

There are certain events that cannot be vividly expressed with words. You have to witness it to know it. The picture that words would convey might not effectively capture the feeling of the moment- the words could undersell it or over hype it. That’s exactly the sentiments evoked by the live video performance of “Can I” by Ayisi.

Known for his incredible vocal range, songwriting skills and enviable versatility – his ability to draw from and mesh genres like highlife, afrobeats, hip hop, RnB into a sonic collage- Ayisi stands out among the lot. His album “The Unbroken” released on August 5, 2022 buttresses this claim. While his fans rave about his talents, those who have seen the live performance video for “Can I” are wondering why “Ghanaians have not supported him” to mainstream stardom.

For Ayisi (formerly known as A.I), mainstream validation “is cool” but not his ultimate wish. His priority is the music, he told me in an interview. In his view, should the music earn him that validation, that would be a bonus. That’s what makes the message in “Can I Live” more profound; a reflection of his mindset (I’m in my own lane, so natural say no size/I shouldn’t need applause for this/And the attention I don’t need).

The video is a must watch not because of the effortless dexterity on display during the performance by Ayisi and the supporting band, or the glossiness of the video. It is due to the profundity of the message – you are liable for the losses and wins in life. So, live your life based on your own drumbeat.

Worlasi – Who The F

Worlasi ranks among a crop of Ghanaian artists noted for their socially conscious music. Their art is their medium of expression. He may not be a high grossing artist but his penchant to create or curate a body of work that captures his thoughts and feelings as well as the general socio-political sentiments of society is a gift possessed by only a few.

His steadfastness to not be a “sell out” despite his incredible talent sounds ridiculous. But, you can’t be critical of his posture. He has built a community of fans who throng to all his shows, sell his arts to whoever would listen- even if you don’t want to, and sometimes promote his point of view on issues.

Last year, he released THE.RAP.Y (pronounced Therapy), a rap dominant six-track EP that leaned into mental health and self-discovery. One of the standouts from the EP is “Who The F“; a song delivered in conversation styled format discussing power, love, authority through the prism of God, a father, a mother, a girlfriend, a radio DJ, a police officer, citizens to political authority. Each character in the story is heard airing out their predicament.

The Johann Setorwu of Kanzo Studio directed video was shot using anime characters; each reflecting their prevailing concerns.

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