Interview: Yung Pabi Discusses ”BushMan” And Why Honest Lyrics Matter

Ask Yung Pabi what music means to him and his answer is as direct as the lyrics he shares on his songs: “Music is the art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions by using rhythms and melody”. Since the release of his socially conscious song ‘’BushMan’’, the rapper has seen his stock steadily rising. His name is becoming recognizable […]

SPOTLIGHT: Meet LYZA, The A&R Working With Your Favourite Artists

Ask LyZa, born Elizabeth Ntiamoah, what her impressions are about the new wave of music in Ghana and the artists behind it and her response is nothing short than a quick rhetorical question. ‘Have you seen the new crop of artiste?’’ before adding ‘’GH music has always been good. The attention on these talented guys was just not there but […]

Interview: Rapper Lykay Talks Music and His Projections For 2018

In 2017, Lykay released his debut EP, “The Deity”, a hip-hop project that was greeted with an appreciable degree of acceptance from the ears that heard him. The 7 track EP is steep in real 90s hip hop with a few trap influences. His calm demeanor and strong voice makes me stand out among the many rappers out here who […]

An interview with Bright Ackwerh about Music.

The name Bright Ackwerh is usually associated with humorous yet thought-provoking illustrations. His name tolls among some of the new crop of talented artists from the African continent making news within the arts and culture space. In a short period of time, his incredible talent has caught the attention of some of the world’s biggest media outlets, including CNN, BBC, […]

Meet GHOST: The Bass Head who believes in experimentation

We live in an age where a producer’s name doesn’t only live on the album sleeve or cover of a musicians work. Producers are leaving their signatures (taglines) on songs, and it is rightly appropriate. With the ever increasing dwindling fortunes of physical album copies and more digital releases, producers are not enthused with just their name on a sleeve. […]

Why they became fans? 6 Sarkodie fans share their story ahead of ‘Highest’ release

Tomorrow is a big day for Sarkodie. And even more huge for his fans. Tomorrow, September 8th is the day his much anticipated fifth studio album, ‘Highest’ will be released.  An 18 track album produced almost exclusively by Jayso, ‘Highest’ is expected to cement Sarkodie’s legendary status within the music stratosphere. Regarded as the biggest rapper in Ghana since his […]

Interview: Eff The DJ displays complexity in simplicity

If you’ve ever been to any of the weekend raves that the city offers, you’d probably have danced to the playlist of one of the best DJs in the city. For years, Eff The DJ has built his reputation as not only a music head but a DJ with impeccable music policy that spans across the genres of hip hop, hiplife, […]

The Real Ones Are Never What You THINK: An interview with STRAFF

I’m inspired right now, probably because of Richard’s recent article or the euphoria in my eyes. Last two days have been a rush for me, it’s been a rush for the culture and I’m quite joyous and excited. I met STRAFF earlier this week and it’s the best experience I’ve had in a while! I was so happy. I love […]

Interview: Music producer Likwid Ice talks about his craft

‘A fan of music period!! Beat maker, Patriot. Entertainment’. This is how Likwid Ice (Kobina Amoah) describes himself.  A couple of months ago, I was sent a link to an EP and upon listening, it was the production that got me screaming. That EP was Kwadjo SPiRi’s ‘’FLY EP’. An IT guy by day and producer by night, Likwid Ice’s production blends sampled […]