THE CUTS: EP 06 Vol.3

THE CUTS is a short weekly review of songs, videos and albums that you need to hear. The songs and videos covered are not genre or region specific. If we find it dope, we’ll share our thoughts on it here.

Ginius – No Sponsor

“No Sponsor” by Ginius is definitely a bop, thanks to its afro swing vibe, melody and of course, the catchy mid-tempo feel that the song oozes. Ginius, on this record makes a case for the independent women who grind for their needs without any help from a sponsor. Being independent means she and other women are not going to be given out their phone numbers to anyone just because they have asked or helped them out. ‘’All my girls bad, we don’t need no sponsor’’, she sings with a Jamaican twang.

Ginius is a Ghanaian born British singer, songwriter and producer who has been making music since 2012. Her current single ‘’No Sponsor’’ is a record she self-produced. The lyrics of the record aside, the big drums and kicks that surround the record is not only a room-filler but grips you the moment they drop.

Marince Omari – Oxford St.

“Osu is the capital of Accra”, a friend once said. If you consider it, his comment may just be true. Walk through Osu, especially Oxford Street and you’ll realize why his comment is believable. Accra (the city) has been immortalized on songs like “Accra City Blues” by Blitz The Ambassador and Reggie Rockstone on ”Nightlife In Accra”. Marince Omari is the latest to eulogize Osu, specifically Oxford Street- the heartbeat of the capital city.

“Oxford St.” is a mellow tune with trap influence. Marince renders a tale about life in the streets of Osu through the eyes of Oblitey, a character he has assumed. (Oblitey is also the name of his upcoming album). Employing a sing-rap style, Marince beautifully blends Ga and a bit of English in delivering his tales about being on the famous Oxford Street.

Mista Myles– Don’t Stop

Mista Myles has been doing his thing for a minute. His new single shows another side of the artiste in terms of music direction. On the Nixieoffivial produced ‘’Don’t Stop’, an enamored Mista Myles encourages his girl to keep dancing because he loves how ‘she wine up’’. With love as theme, Mista Myles affirms his feelings for this lady over the afro Caribbean beat that carries his voice. His ability (or was it his producer’s brilliance?) to manipulate his voice to fit certain pockets of the song is incredible.

Idahossa – Ocean

“Ocean” starts like a soulful ballad courtesy those chunking piano chords. The soulful tone of the song is not lost; Idahossa, however adds a dancehall feel to the song turning it into this low-tempo song perfect for the dancefloor. Idahossa blends patio with English, showering praise on his lover. Just like the song’s title, the tune’s charm lies in its calming tone.

Tonero ft. Tomi – Hennessy

Tonero decided to name his new single for 2020 Hennessy because that’s the feeling he got after hearing the final cut of the record. With its Caribbean influence, Tonero and Tomi blend their various vocal attributes on this love-themed single. Though this is Tonero’s first release of the year, the 22 year singer/producer starting making music at the age of 16 years. In 2016, he released a 11-track compilation album, ‘Ajna’. The Nigerian artiste earned looks off his singles ”Missed Call”, ”Love Like This” and ”Don’t Go”.