Bryan The Mensah Has Hit “Level 2” On His Own Game.

The Bunny Sigler sample from “Shake Your Booty” set the record up right. With its not so conspicuous trap drums and head nodding bounce from the production boards of OKAIWAV, Bryan The Mensah rips through the beat with his unmistakable sing-rap delivery. The message: money dreams. That is, the young rapper has his eyes set on things bigger than just selling records. Of course, he wants to be noted for his music too (“cos we are never satisfied/till we in the hall of fame”).

Armed with lyrics that resonate with ambitious youths and reflecting his own mission like ”one brick a day chale I’m ‘tryna build my house now nigga”and “niggas said they never gon’ see me a billionaire so they never gon see me doing billionaire steeze cos i got a zillionaire dreams”, Bryan Ths Mensah, like HOV, is offering lucrative gems on wax.

For those who have followed his career trajectory, these nuggets are not new. Across albums like “Friends With The Sun” and “Wildfire”, Bryan The Mensah has not just been rapping. His lyrics continue to echo positivity, progress, ambition and more importantly, offers a sneak peek into his own mindset- a young rapper with a business mind. “Level 2” comes after “Grease”, a single he dropped a few months ago featuring Nigerian hip hop act and Choc City signee Blaqbonez.

The latter is expressed in his DIY (Do It Yourself) attitude which shines through the steps he takes beyond the studio. Bryan The Mensah found a way of controlling his own affairs by building his own website and selling both his albums and merchandize on that platform; a move most A-List artists can’t pull. On “Level 2”, Bryan The Mensah drops another old, yet golden financial rule that many don’t live by: “Don’t spend money that you made and don’t lend out money that you saved”.

The OKAIWAV produced track is the first single heralding the release of his new project. Both Bryan The Mensah and OKAIWAV are young, business savy artists who are not playing by the generic rule of music business. They are moving differently, building their brands, earning returns on their creativity. Potentially, the two could become the best producer- artist tag team on the music scene. There are, indeed Levels to this game..

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