Video: R2Bees And Efya Seek Answer to The ‘Could This Be Love?’ Puzzle On New Song

Rap duo, R2Bees ponder on the ‘Could this be love’ question on their latest single, featuring label mate and afro soul act Efya.
The Killbeatz produced slow tempo, RnB oozing “Could This Be Love” has Mugeez posing the question on the opening lines of the song: ‘could this be love? Is this forever? Or ebi say i dey waste my time/ you dey waste your time?’
Mugeez proceeds to reveal the back story to his question: he can’t tell who she is again; she brings fire when he walks with her through the rain. Efya, in her notable soulful tone put forth her own burning questions like wishing to know if he ‘could be her king’ and ‘the one that sets me free?’
Omar Sterling (aka PaeDae) charts a path away from the musings of Mugeez and Efya. Rather than harbour negative doubts about the outcome of his love affair, he puts all his cards on the table in a very sobering and confessional delivery. ‘I put my trust in you/I put my hopes in/ I put my heart on my sleeve/I put my soul in it’, before anchoring his feelings on this the lines: ‘I’ve fallen for you, I’m falling deeper’.

The Video

The video opens with Mugeez stretched out on a couch in his hall. The table at the centre has cards, cups spread on it. An hour glass sit on the table. (Guess you know the significance of the Queen card that was singled out from the pack)
Mugeez descends downstairs to a makeshift studio where his engineer is cooking up a beat after waking up from sleep. A closer look at video appears like scenes from a dream Mugeez had.
The Babs directed visual are largely presented in a slow motion format with the scenes shifting from indoors to outdoors- basketball court where Mugeez and Efya exhibit their balling skills. Selasie Amewusika makes an appearance in the video, playing the role of Omar Sterling’s girl.
The video isn’t only a feature on love. It’s also a display of some artworks of significance such as the Beatles crossing Abbey Road painting, the couple caressing, the portrait of an ebony queen, the ‘smoking man’ all alluding overtly or covertly to the message of love.
Off the back of songs like ‘Slow Down’, ‘M’akoma’ and now ‘Could This Be Love?’, R2Bees keeps proving their worth on mellow, soulful beats.

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