Adomaa, Efya sing about Freedom on new song

‘E.F.Y Adomaa’ won’t be a bad group name. Neither will it be a bad title for a joint project, be it an album or EP (yes, it’s an EP season lately). E.F.Y.ADomaa is a nice, ring-able name mentioned a couple of times on the new song released by singer/songwriter Adomaa (as an intro).
‘Free’, as song is titled, is a 3: 06 minute song featuring the incomparable Efya. ‘Free’ is a call for excellence; a song about positive thinking and breaking down barriers and rising to the top.
Produced by Reynolds The Gentleman, ‘Free’ blends afro-soul, RnB and hip-hop influences. The beat, towards the end switches into a traditional adowa rhythmic vibrations handing the song it’s Ghanaian identity.
Efya taps into her known soulful vault, (something we miss) dishing out a memorable crooning about staying positive whilst reminding us of the exigency of time: ‘Set your mind free, my brother/Set your mind free, my sister/Be who wanna be today cos no time dey again’. Her voice floats rather than sit on the beat.
Adomaa spreads her operatic cadences over ‘Free’ on the second verse, brining to life, the beauty of the composition and of course, the song. ‘Don’t take my energy/ Don’t be my elegy/ We need that synergy/ No time for lethargy’, wraps up the message of the song.
‘Free’ is is about self-belief and empowerment, a song to remind and inspire all especially women to rise beyond the obstacles that seeks to break, cower or stifle their progress. Despite the world being one of ideas that continues to shape the world, there are many who are held back by reasons of self-doubt and perception of others, which ultimately shrinks their dreams.
For such individuals trapped in this mindset, Adomaa and Efya are urging them to ignore what the world think of them, step out into the sun and run their own race.
The two joining voices to sing the memorable ‘Freedom Is Coming’ hook feels like a celebration of a victory. ‘Free’ is nothing short of a daily message of inspiration.

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