Efya’s Latest “Whoman; Woman” Is a Celebration of Womanhood

When was the last time you heard award winning songstress, Efya sing in a tone that’s so relax and almost playful?
Well, on her new single “Whoman; Woman“- the first in 2018- she takes that path, laying an inspirational song that celebrates the African woman and mothers. The song title is a play on the question: Who’s A Man Without A Woman?.
Over highlife grooves, heralded by beautiful horns and her vocals floating across it, Efya touches on the greatness of women in the lives of all humans over the wee pieced production work by Demsa.
‘A woman is strong/ A woman is beautiful’, she sings. The lyric is a confirmation of the outstanding nature of women. On the song, Efya employs various metaphors to drum home the sweetness of women and mothers in these terms:
“Jollof without chicken/ Gari without sugar”
Taking to twitter, the “Getaway” hitmaker shared the inspiration behind her song and what drove her to write this ode; citing legendary Nigerian artist Lagbaja as inspiration behind the song.

In an era where women have taken stand against their continuous suppression through sexual and physical abuse, earning less in wages compared to their make counterparts albeit doing same work, and their overall contribution to society-as parents and influencers, “Whoman Woman” couldn’t have been made at a better time.
“Whoman Woman” is Efya’s way of drawing attention to the beauty, strength and selflessness of women, who need protection, love and affection. It’s time to celebrate them, after all, who runs the world?
Download Woman Woman Here

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