Video: Sarkodie And Efya Affirm Their ‘Love’ On “Saara”

Magic happens whenever Sarkodie and Efya join forces on a song. The chemistry between the two is outstanding, with both parties offering their best shot. There appears to be a subliminal friendly competition between the two parties- one that is more complimentary than the outshining another on a record. “Saara” produced by MOG affirms this forcefully.

The fourth single off the highly anticipated “Black Love” album, “Saara” carries an intoxicating melody, a catchy beat and a relatable theme bothering on love. Both Sarkodie and Efya take turns to affirm the beautiful love between them whiles acknowledging the bumps present in all relationships. “Even if you cheat on me, I’d forgive you and take you back”, both Sarkodie and Efya declare on the enchanting “Saara”.

Up & Down: Sarkodie and Efya, Sarkodie and Sika Osei (Photo from Sarkodie’s twitter page)

The video for “Saara” is rendered in a short film format. It also captures the bliss and the gloom that love relationships birth. The Gene Adu directed and Magdalene Morton edited film employs symbolism as a medium to advance the narrative of the story.

Consider for instance the antics of the parrots at the end of the video; Efya’s demeanor while mowing the lawn; her struggle to start the mower and cutting down the rose flower which she later replanted. Also, Sarkodie irrigating the rose plant; kicking the watering can and their respective posturing during an argument at the dinning table. The video is also handed a vintage feel thanks to certain elements used evidenced by the Elizabethan- era garbs worn by the two protagonists and the grandpa telephone.

All these elements spotlight the challenges often associated with love, and the collective efforts at nurturing it towards perfection. As the video runs to its end, love triumphs. This is aptly captured by the hand holding gesture by the couple over the rose flower they both helped nurture.

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