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Jean Feier – Star Baby

“My sauce extra special, mi no me y3 different/ you don’t need nobody to tell you who you are/ Your lifestyle like rockstar/ fuck it, we’re rockstar baby”. Jean Feier is talking her talk on “Star Baby”; a trap song with a enough bounce to get you jiggy.

Having followed her career over a period, Jean Feier’s malleability as an artist is what fascinates me. She can flex her airy, emo stirring soulful vocals with ease to either reflect her emotional side or wear her bad bitch cloak. “Star Baby” steers away from her conventional soulful mood to something more hip, uptempo, catchy and overall different. And yes, she does flavourize it with a pinch of soul.

Magnom ft KiddBlack – Bounce Your Titty

I’ll say it once more: Magnom. Is. The. Most. Hardworking. Artist. of. 2019. Ignore the fact that he doesn’t have a nationwide hit record, his prolificacy has been outstanding. In-between dropping singles, joint albums and performing, he still manages to find rhe time to mix and produce for other artists. Magnom is the bringer of sunshine into your life through his music. For what he lacks in lyrics, he compensates for with his incredible ear for beats and catchy- sometimes ridiculous lyrics that leaves you cracking a smile while shaking your damn head.

“Bounce Your Titty” sit nicely in the canon of songs that transmit happiness and good vibe based off its catchy and simple lyrics. Just as the title suggests, this is a fun record. Produced by Moor Sound (another crack producer), Magnom and Kiddblack call ladies of all frames to “bounce your titty”. (I’d want a Magnom and Kiddblack tape solely produced by Moor Sound).

Gyidi – Dawn

Gyidi landing a M.anifest feature on the remix of “Fire” was how he got my attention. It also showed me a guy with a very persistent spirit. His request for a feature was in plain sight: on twitter. With every project- be it a single or a body of work, Gyidi has, along with his friends, vocalized his works. “Ade Akye”, the lead single of his now released “Dawn” was heavily promoted online, tagging everyone he knew.

“Dawn” is part catharsis, part journal entry of his journey and vision thus far. The first song “All Eyes On You” and “Dreams” sit in the theme of steering the course even when no one is watching. “Ade Akye” is a missive about working hard and reaping its benefits. On “For Ghana”, Gyidi is ready to make it in his birth country, the hardship notwithstanding. “Live Life” (featuring Bryan The Mensah) and “Good Vibes” focuses on giving your best shot at life and taking a break to enjoy life respectively. Gyidi comes across an one who knows what he is doing. His determination and focus are definitely going to serve him well.

Tulenkey ft. Ara & Wes7ar 22 – Yard

I hoped 2019 was going to be Tulenkey’s year to own off the good run he had in the last quarter of 2018 and early 2019. However, the artist seemed to have taken his foot off the pedal a little bit. The traction from the remixes of “Proud Fuck Boys” garnered some months back did just enough to keep his name afloat. Tulenkey is back again with “Yard”, a trappy song made for his hip hop loving fans with a “living young-wild and free” theme.

On this Malafacking Slump produced song, Tulenkey flexes his rap skills, detailing his ‘ghetto’ story. The Babs directed video for “Yard” cast Tulenkey as the connect of a drug lord who is under police surveillance. You have to watch the video to appreciate the creativity of Babs. “Yard” is an engrossing short film.

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