Ko-Jo Cue Sets The Internet Ablaze On His Announcement.

A series of mixtapes, as well as a joint project with fellow BBnZ signee Shaker, have already proven Ko-Jo Cue to be one of the foremost rappers in the Ghanaian music scene for the past 5 years. Now, the Bantama native is taking things up a notch.

After years of fans clamouring for another experience like his acclaimed mixtape The Shining, and debates over whether a second joint project would rather serve this skilled lyricist better, all the chatter is being put to bed. Ko-Jo Cue is pleased to finally announce the impending release of his first solo full length album.

This album promises to be a treat for fans and neutrals alike. Featuring the rapper in his absolute element, in collaboration with some of the best producers and artists in the game, it is a carefully-crafted experience, one you should absolutely watch out for.

Follow Ko-Jo Cue on social media, at Ko-Jo Cue and subscribe to his YouTube channel Ko-Jo Cue Music; this to get updates about the album as and when they happen. You cannot afford to miss any part of this, Ko-Jo Cue season is here!

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