Afrofusion Artist, DARKUA Is Here and Ready To Go

Ever since I caught her performance for her single ‘’Amalelor’’, I made a mental note to check out the Afrobeats / AfroSoul artiste’s catalogue. What got me interested? Her stagecraft, choosing to perform a live set instead of the normal miming over dj set and her vocals. She does not possess a Whitney Houston or Beyonce-esque vocal abilities, but she […]

Review: Zed Ay Kay- ”Versatility” Album

In an industry where the perks of recognition does not often fall on the plate of some of the best talents, it would not be a surprise if the name of Zed Ay Kay does not register immediately. His music has not crossed over into the mainstream fold, not because the songs are not great. Rather, the songs do not […]

EP Review: Mike Akox – Patience

Mike Akox’s African background as a Ghanaian, West African affords him the advantage at shaping his sound along the dominant Afrobeat sound. As an artist based in Australia, he is able to infuse some of the oceanic influences to create a sonic palette that appeals to his fans on each side of the continents. The musical journey of Mike Akox […]

Twitch 4EVA Now Has Our Attention

The compelling quality on Twitch 4EVA’s latest EP is Twitch 4EVA. When Twitch 4Eva (formerly Twitch) released “Baby”, the precursor single to his debut EP, the chink in his talent was apparent. Any follower of his career over the years would not miss it. On the mid-tempo, love centric song, Twitch 4Eva came across like a man who stood in […]

The Radiance of NiiQuaye’s “Atomic Muse” Lies In Its Production And Features

“Atomic Muse” is a seven-track tape released by the multi-talented artist, NiiQuaye about a week ago. His name might not toll on the music scene in Ghana- he is not a front line or mainstream artist, yet. NiiQuaye’s talent, however, has been heard on many hit songs released over the years in this country. His contributions have come mostly by […]

Interview: Lamie Is Looking Forward To Better Days

One of the exciting things about the music industry is the fact that, each day brings with it a new voice, a new talent with enough potential to earn their stripes. Talk to them and they all hold the same dreams: they all want to succeed, make an impact and leave behind a body of work that would influence a […]

Review: E.L Can Take Off (Again) With “Songs For Girls 3”

With love as its centrepiece, “Songs For Girls” reveals all the musical influences that have defined E.L’s career across the years. Bumps are inevitable. They often occur on the highway of life when everything is going on as planned. The bumps and the inertia it stirs are mostly wake up calls. They offer a moment for self-introspection, as well as […]


THE CUTS is a short weekly review of songs, videos and albums that you need to hear. The songs and videos covered are not genre or region specific. If we find it dope, we’ll share our thoughts on it here. Supa Gaeta – Never Again Two days before his birthday, Supa Gaeta dropped his first single of 2020 titled ‘Never […]

Offei Has Shown The Way

When Offfei released his romance spilling single “Santorini” and got the blogosphere talking, I struggled to identify what made the record special. “Santorini”, released last year, was a decent piece of work. It was cast in the mold of most of today’s radio formatted afropop/ records. Offei and [his] producers plucked sonic influences from various hotspots like the Caribbean and […]