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Supa Gaeta – Never Again

Two days before his birthday, Supa Gaeta dropped his first single of 2020 titled ‘Never Again’. Stewed in afropop elements, the mid-tempo, melody driven tune has Supa Gaeta pulling a sing-rap style to account for a closure on a past love affair. The rapper is heard on the Yung D3mz produced song articulating his reasons, which include his girl’s sneaky affair with her ex.

“This 2020, never again”, which serves as the hook depicts a guy whose tolerance cup is finally full. His hope for his love to be reciprocated, and the constant disappointment is enough cue for him to walk away; a decision he never regrets.

Kwesi Arthur – Why (Nana Ama)

Whether it is mere coincidence or a well-planned rollout, Kwesi Arthur’s new single “Why (Nana Ama)” feeds into the heartbreak story that went viral a couple of days ago. Over a Yung D3mz beat graced with syrupy guitar riffs, Kwesi Arthur presents a story of deception, betrayal and heartbreak borne out of unrequited love affair. “Why” happens to be the most chilled record from the talented Tema based rapper in recent times. If the verdict is that Kwesi Arthur has mastered the art of rapping, then, his singing is proving to be other of his assets. “Why” (Nana Ama) is a further in his cup.

MO ft. Mr. Eazi – Going Out of My Way

MO is a British RnB group consisting of three ladies. The group, formed in 2012 by the members themselves is one of the exciting groups making an impression on the UK music scene. Known for their contemporary RnB and pop songs, the group has also extended their artistry beyond the genres they are known for as heard on ‘Going Out of My Way”.

MO enlists afropop act, Mr. Eazi on this record. The catchy afropop song indicates the ‘hangover’ associated with ending a relationship- how you keep calling back that ex. “Going Out of My Way” is not the first record MO and Mr. Eazi have collaborated on. The group was featured by Mr Eazi on ”Bad Vibe” along with Lotto Boyzz.

Jean Feier – 1503 Freestyle

I love it when Jean Feier gets into her rapping bag. She sounds refreshing and effortless when she skids over the beats that is thrown at her. It seems Jean uses her rap songs as gateway to brush her shoulders off, as she did on her previous record ‘’Star Baby’’. On this galactic, lo-fi hip hop beat courtesy Krainsound, Jean Feier comes off the block with ‘’I don’t feel it/I’m not coming to your seminar/That’s what the sessions you want me at really are’’, proceeding to state her reasons: ‘’The way I move don’t need commendation’’, a credence to her non-conformity to today’s accepted standards. Her soft, whispery voice sits between vulnerability and confidence without sounding arrogant. That’s what I love about Jean.

Lamie ft. Ko-Jo Cue – Bra

Lamie has done enough for her career in 12 months if you consider the fact that she is a fresh face voice on the scene. Last year saw her releasing singles like “Odoyewu”, “Let Me Go” and “Aye”, which she performed in Youruba. She also worked with DJ Finisher SA on the afro house song “Dance”. She has begun 2020 by releasing a new track ”Bra” featuring rapper Ko-Jo Cue. On their respective verses, Lamie and Cue invite each other into their orbit where love and care is in abundant supply. The fast tempo, afropop song is Lamie’s first single for the year.

Moor Sound ft. $pacely, BuMan, Yung D3mz- Obaasima

“Obaasima” in the Twi dialect translate as ‘lady of class’. Moor Sound, one of the hardworking producers around drafts his collaborative associates, $pacely, Yung D3mz (producer, rapper) and BuMan on his new single. Moor Sound deviates from his well-known trap sound to a soft, easy to rock with afropoo beat. Like the title suggests, “Obaasima” is a song that adores the beauty – mostly the physical looks and ‘nasty’ side of a lady. This song has more mainstream appeal, something Moor Sound could latch on and sell himself and his music.

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