“Yard” Is A Timeless Song That Tulenkey Needs To Push

Almost a year after it was released, Tulenkey’s bombastic hip hop record “Yard” could win people over. “Which Tulenkey do you like?” is a question I have been brooding over for a while. My answer is always based on my mood. Afropop Tulenkey, with his uncanny humorous punchlines and comical finger-wagging lyrics usually pours with happiness. His afropop tunes mostly […]

TAKE BACK THE MIC; Become Africa’s Next Hip Hop Star!!!

Two-time Emmy Finalist Take Back the Mic® (TBTM) is coming to the continent as THE MIC: AFRICA Created by Emmy-nominated TV Producer, Host and MC, Ghana native Derrick N Ashong (DNA), this 8-episode, 30-minute, multi-platform interactive talent competition & docu-series, empowers fans to curate and amplify the competing artists that they love from 6 cities across Africa: ● Accra, GHANA […]

Sarkodie’s “CEO Flow” Is An Eye Poking Response To Critics

“Chale the fans still dey fuck with the nigga/ Over 17 years , lifetime hypnosis/ What else?” The enthralling scene in a movie for me is when the protagonist stands over the antagonist, spite in his gaze, handing the last strike to end it all. The sense of victory validates the determination and valour of the protagonist. The prize of […]

Throwback: Soulatidoe – Ka W’ano Tumu

What do you know about Soulatidoe? Do you even remember them? Do you know how much they contributed to the hiplife movement? Do you know their story? And how they made one of the most important records during their active years? One of the things I enjoy about documenting the music scene in Ghana is receiving links to some good […]

Review: Jayso – 0106 Vol. 5

“2020 is a movie. What we failed to do is to choose which genre”. A tweet summed up the horrid year we are still enduring. For what was to be a year full of dreams and success, 2020 has turned out to be a bad dream where losses have tilted the scale of progress, leaving many reeling. The losses inspired […]

Review: On “Lava Feels”, Joey B Punched Below Expectation

Joey B is like Peter Pan; caught up in his world of youthfulness and scared to emerge out of that cocoon despite his abundant potential. “7 years, are you not entertained?”. Joey B quizzed on his star-studded trap anthem “La Familia”. The accuracy of his calculation in terms of his active years as a rapper could be challenged but one […]

“No Long Talk”, M.anifest Declares

Perfect timing is everything. Knowing when to outdoor a new thing to elicit the right response from people takes a lot of analyses. Bad timing has robbed great products of impact. The opposite is also true. An aspect of perfect timing is that element of surprise; where you release the product when people least expect. The lasting effect you seek […]

Talking Verses: Pappy Kojo Dazzling Verse on “All Black”

Black has been my favourite colour for as long as I remember. It has come to underline a basic philosophy of life that I hold. My love for black almost led to a rare disagreement between myself and my dad. I was about to enter the University. As it was, I had to get new clothes for school. Shopping money […]

“E.L’s “Efa Wo Ho Ben” Video Is Worth The Hype

When E.L released “Efa Wo Ho Ben” last December, the consensus among music fans was unanimous: the V.O Nation act has a song to draw attention towards himself and by extension, place him at the top of the pack; where he belongs. The hip hop record which sampled “Wano P3 Asem” by the Amazing Chorale was an exciting listen in […]