THE CUTS is a weekly review of newly released songs and videos. The songs and videos covered are not genre or region-specific. Once we find it dope, we’ll share outhoughts on it here.

Jay Bahd – Condemn

Life Living Record artist, JAY BAHD is here fanning the flame the Kumericans have launched in this last quarter of the year with ”Condemn”. This time around, the latest street anthem features known collaborators CITYBOY, O’KENNETH, REGGIE, and KWAKU DMC.

The hoarse voiced Jay Bahd pushes the wave right from the onset, with his first verse. This wave he continuously rides on the extremely catchy drill hook of 4 AAAA stanzas. The Asakaa movement is looking solid and on a path of keeping its relevance. It definitely would not be dismissed anytime soon.

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Joey B – Akobam

For those who didn’t know, Akobam was a popular rubbing cream for body and joints pains. On this song, Joey uses the then popular cream as a metaphor to imply the exciting sensations he’s enjoying from a female just like the cream.

As hot as akobam was (picture deepheat, and multiply by 3), steamy and lust filled sessions are what Joey, Kofi Mole, and Medikal centre their verses around. A scene in the music video where a number of ladies rub over Joey’s body in a smoke filled environment captures the import of the song accurately. Hot sessions, just like akobam.

Currently number 1 trending on YouTube (in Ghana), the song has similar structure and instrumentals as the growing ”asaaka” or drill rap songs on the charts. Therefore, it wouldn’t be surprising to find ”Akobam” earning frequent spins on radio, dj mixes, and many December event you patronize (with your mask, that is).

Yaw Tog – Africa

The Kumerican rapper, Yaw Tog, who caught everyone’s attention with his viral hit single “Sore”, placed the focus on the continent this time round. The new single, Africa, portrayed empathy on the woes and injustice happening in some countries on the continent. He underscores this injustice with the line “Screaming with pain and tears all along, Mothers are crying, babies are dying, pain in the country and governments are lying, oh no no“.

Even though Yaw Tog’s new single rides on a sentimental wave, his flow moves on a rhythm that can easily stay on one’s subconscious after a couple of plays. This helps reinforce the awareness in the minds of everyone, as he reminds us in both the first and last lyric that “it could’ve been you or could’ve been me“. Considering the injustices in Nigeria (#EndSars), Uganda, Congo and Burundi, this song is timely. It also shows another side of Yaw Togo

Supa Gaeta – Supa SZN EP

Supa SZN EP is finally here. And, Supa Gaeta is here to remind you of his stake in the ever growing afropop scene in Ghana. The six track EP which features the likes of Oxlade, Wavy The Creator, Twitch 4EVA, and Blaqbonez. SupaGaeta’s sound on the EP is diverse- sometimes afropop, other times experimental, perhaps a deliberate move to appeal to different audiences.

On two songs, Supa Gaeta switches up his style, foraying into the field of dancehall feel. Although the dancehall feel is more prominent on ”Osu to Labadi”, ”Tell Me”, featuring Wavy The Creator, leans more on Reggae Fusion. In future projects, is Supa Gaeta going to switch it up eventually, or would further build on being Supa-diverse.


”Walls” is one song BRYANTHEMENSAH didn’t miss: a mellow-rhythmic instru, lyrics on a very relatable “loyl” instance, and a Bryan voice. The song is a fan favorite mainly because a lot of people can relate to its vulnerable lyrics and the outpouring of feelings.

‘Walls’ are what a lot of people try to put up anytime they get scared or reminded of the possibility of being “taken fi eediat”. This just goes to prove that as hard as you try to portray yourself, there’s a soft side of you that can be touched by the right person. Our weaknesses might be subtle, but they exist.

In this view point, BRYANTHEMENSAH reminisces on his vulnerable side with a lover on both verses. In the end, he gets shunned as their intimacy gets thrown in the dust. However, his hook takes a different perspective, addresses the walls of a present or potential lover. “Depending on how you walk and talk to me, I could be all you need. Looking for love I wish you fall for me…” Perhaps, if they said a lover could redirect her cravings towards him, she might need to take down her walls first.

Can’t talk about this video without mentioning how BRYAN’s manager, Lyza, kept tweeting about this video a few hours before her wedding. Talk about work ethic on 101%. The extra one on the hundred since her husband found the one. Congrats Lyza.

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