Offei Has Shown The Way

When Offfei released his romance spilling single “Santorini” and got the blogosphere talking, I struggled to identify what made the record special. “Santorini”, released last year, was a decent piece of work. It was cast in the mold of most of today’s radio formatted afropop/ records. Offei and [his] producers plucked sonic influences from various hotspots like the Caribbean and […]

Ko-Jo Cue’s Tales On “Muddy Story”, “Never Mind” And “Loser” Matter

For any conceptually brilliant album, there are a string of records that form the pivot of the album. In this article, we highlighted the three records that hold “For My Brothers” together. Ko-Jo Cue’s album, For My Brothers (FMB) has been out for three months and the response accorded the album has been enormous. The talented rapper did not only […]

Fear Is What Keeps Shatta Wale Awake

By turning his fears into success, the self-acclaimed dancehall king has become a bully within the music industry. If there is any experience a person would learn when stranded on an island or in the wilderness, it is sharpening their survival instincts. You have to battle against harsh conditions mostly unforeseeable in other to survive. And should you make it […]

Top M.anifest Music Videos

Music videos are an important tool in the arsenal of any artiste. They provide another avenue to express the meanings behind any song. Whether it’s a simple video of an artiste singing in a studio or one as elaborate enough to exhaust a small film budget, music videos help extend a musician’s story. Much like a beat maker adds depth […]

Sarkodie Is Still The Man

On his single “Who Da Man?’’, Sarkodie intoned “Ain’t nobody taking my position/ Mama told me not to worry, ‘cos she had a vision/ Obiaa ntumi nquechi (Nobody can quench) my fire am on a mission/ You go trust if you know what I been cooking in the kitchen ah”. For some, this is nothing short of a swaggering vaunted […]

Kuami Eugene And The Art of Dealing With Criticisms.

Fragility is not a quality permitted in showbiz, unfortunately. A display of fragile spirit is permissible on paper, in the recording booth and finally when the words are pressed on a CD or in today’s world, converted into whatever format and shared across various digital streaming platforms (DSPs) for the streaming pleasure of fans. Or, when the person is acting […]

The Arching Tales Of Friendship & Creative Direction Between Trig & Tinny

The farthest an elder would see while sitting down, a child would not see even when standing on a hill – Akan Proverb Nobody wants to be told what to do, even when they are knowingly cruising down the road of impending disaster. Ego and overt self-confidence could blind you into thinking whatever you are pursuing is right. When such […]

Lord Paper Deserves Our Attention

There is no such thing as bad publicity. It all boils down to how one flips it to their advantage. There is no industry that prides itself on the exploitation of publicity than the showbiz industry. Whereas some actors within the space deliberately-and creatively- get themselves entangled in controversies (mostly bad since bad news sells) to advance their profile, others […]