THE CUTS: EP 05 Vol. 15

THE CUTS is a weekly review of singles, videos and albums you must hear. The songs and videos covered are not genre and/or region specific. Once it is good, it will be reviewed or featured.

MsFu – State of Mind

Thursday’s are ”MsFu Day”. The rapper has dedicated herself to releasing a song every Thursday till her music vault is empty. “State of Mind” is the latest addition to a string of releases. Produced by Anae, the song talks about seeking, finding and living within your own state of peace. ‘’State of Mind’’ is cast within a hip hop/neo-soul template; reminiscent of the music made by the Soulquarians.

“State of Mind” carries a mellow feel, with MsFu literally holding the beat by its neck. Her music might not be out there on mainstream channels but MsFu is one of the few rappers whose talent can’t be dismissed when conversations about female hip hop acts arises. Your ignorance won’t be pardoned.

C-Note: Therapy

C- Note is shaping herself as the shrink whose job it is to let you go off the things that draws you back. On her last record ‘’Crossroad’’, she sought to inspire her fellow women to find strength within en route to becoming a better version of themselves. Her latest release is also within the same thematic brackets. Titled ”Therapy”, the Paa Bright produced, Twisted Wavex mixed/mastered song is a call towards self-improvement; drawing away from things that offer temporary relief to one’s addictions.

‘’Drop the pills, quit the blunt, forget the wine, live your dreams’’, she urges on the opening verse right after Kenneth Azortibah’s prelude. It’s great to hear C-Note make a record dwelling on a topic like this. However, her energy or the potency of her delivery was lacking. One could argue that the laxity in her tone was an attempt at empathy rather than rebuke, it could have been done with more conviction without losing the essence of the message. That is, she chose to speak the words rather than own the words. The message is still held nonetheless.

Kuvie – Only You ft. Phronesis & Suzz Blaq

Music producer, Kuvie recruits budding music acts Phronesis and Suzz Blaqq on his latest joint “Only You”. The afropop tune carries the signature sound that Kuvie has come to be associated with: mid-tempo, minimal sounding production that offers rhythmic fervour.

“Only You” is a love song- Phronesis and Suzz Blaqq exchange love vows geared at sustaining the flame of their love. Kuvie strikes a fine balance with his guest features- Suzz Blaqq counters Phronesis dancehall vibes with her soulful/RnB aura on the record. With the right promotion, this song would catch on.

Menxee ft. Easy Bob Wizzy & Limoblaze – Sauce

Menxee is an afro-hip hop artiste, song-writer and producer from Kaduna State, Nigeria who started recording and performing in 2009 as part of a five-boy group. Menxee went solo in 2014, releasing a string of singles, culminating in the release of his debut album “JOHN: The Confession.”

Menxee is out with his first single, ‘’Sauce’’ under Ryt Path Records. The song is centered on what he has achieved thus far and what more lies ahead to be achieved. For Menxee, every success is as a result of God’s grace, and for every sauce he now has, Jesus is the source. The ‘Sauce’ is delivered in a fast tempo rap format, an attestation to varied skills Menxee embodies.

DredW ft. $pacely & Dani Draco – Don’t Let Me Go

DredW will look at 2019 as the year he went from obscurity to relative prominence thanks to a couple of singles and a five track collaborative EP with Magnom titled ‘’Songs For Her’’.  DredW makes a return to the scene, this time with Dani Draco and $pacely on ‘’Don’t Let Me Go’’. The production on this record is intense, matching the energy behind the performances of Dani Draco and $pacely.  ‘’Don’t Let Me Go’’ is a love song with the two artistes literally begging to be loved.

BillsBrown ft. Zotto, Sirge, Questo – EH!

‘’Eh!’’ is a song by BillsBrown, an artist I chanced upon on Soundcloud. Listening to his songs –‘Stars’, ‘Dun Go’ and ‘Eh’, one could tell his style is heavily influenced by RnB/Soul music. ‘’Eh!’’, unsurprisingly blends bits of afropop and RnB. Produced to carry a concert feel (the sound has a bounce off the wall vibe), BillsBrown makes love the crux of his music.

Epidemix – Falling ft. Offei & O’BKay

Music producer Epidemix is back with a follow up to his earlier release ‘’Nshona Shia’’ which featured BiQo, Bryan The Mensah and Kweysi Chip. This new mid-tempo single features Offei and O’Bkay who attempt to take their shot at ladies. ‘’Falling’’ follows the template of today’s afropop songs: good melody and groove.