Review: Avit – “Election Day” EP

Avit draws the veil back again on the raw deal that our politics offer on “Election Day”. Avitiduen Abisa hails from the Upper East Region, specifically Wiaga. Music has always been around him growing up. Harnessing the various musical influences on which he grew up, Avit has successfully coupled them, and in his own way, built a musical canopy as […]

Album Review: Mawcom X & Kuvie On “Gift of GOD”

“I’m not making music for Ghana, I’m making music from Ghana but it’s for the world’’- Mawcom X Technology has eased the way artists work. Geographical constraints have been eliminated. The time spent on completing a project is no more an issue. The availability of technology makes it easier to shape the final product to the creator’s own taste. Unlike […]

E.L Throws Himself In The Music Convo With ”Efa Wo Ho Ben”

Depending on who you ask, the answer will be different. For the ELiens (fans of E.L), the rapper is still a force to reckon with on the Ghanaian music scene. For the non-EL fans, he has fallen off the perch and now playing catch up. That, the once high soaring eagle has, over the years tried flapping the water off […]

THE CUTS: EP 05 Vol. 15

THE CUTS is a weekly review of singles, videos and albums you must hear. The songs and videos covered are not genre and/or region specific. Once it is good, it will be reviewed or featured. MsFu – State of Mind Thursday’s are ”MsFu Day”. The rapper has dedicated herself to releasing a song every Thursday till her music vault is […]

Talking Verses: Kuvie Is A Bad Ass Producer

I’m sure readers who have been following our series ‘’Talking Verses’’ would be surprised to see Kuvie as the one we are spotlighting this week. It’s deliberate, if you consider the sort of work he pulled on two records for two different artists. Kuvie ‘beat verse’ therefore deserves to be talked about. For those who might not know Kuvie, the […]

Top 15 Albums According To Us

2018 has been a good year for music. A lot of artists released various, exciting body of works and top singles. Whereas some big name artists continued to make an impression both locally and international in their quest to push their brand, the young emerging acts kept the heat on by releasing some of the best works within the year. […]

Music Producer, Kuvie Has More “Gruvie-Ness” To Offload

BBnZ Live Bar, Accra – “I wanted to make a video that would inspire others to make art”. Music producer Kuvie told the gathered guests at the premier of his latest video ‘Energy’. With these words, and other questions that bothered on his craft, his unskippable, jam packed “Gruvie” EP, the highly promoted video screening for “Energy”, one of the […]

The Musical Influences of Apolo And Kuvie Melt Perfectly on ‘Fila’

Two striking things you notice on Apolo’s 7 song, collaborative EP with producer Kuvie are the excellent production; and strong melodic offering. Mellow tropical vibes vibrate across the EP, like how the sun breaks through a cloudy sky after a rainfall. What makes this collaborative effort interesting is that, Kuvie brings on board his experience as a producer responsible for […]

Press Release: Apolo Releases 7 Track EP “Fila”

  Nigerian musician, author and creative, Apolo Imon dropped a 7 track EP entitled Fila. The crooner brings forth a mix of vibely mid-tempo beats and a dynamic voice to create the perfect post summer wave. The project was made in less than a week but does well to keep the audience bopping to each song. This is confident expression […]

On “Headstrong”, A.I. Scores A Little Below Excellent Despite A Brilliant Showing.

Being talented could be problematic. It could sometimes, injure the talented person through constant self-doubt and self-consciousness. The question of whether what they are putting out would satisfy the fans has the potential of capping their ability to create what they may consider great. The quest for perfection and no room for errors, even if minor, could be a chip […]