Music Producer, Kuvie Has More “Gruvie-Ness” To Offload

BBnZ Live Bar, Accra – “I wanted to make a video that would inspire others to make art”. Music producer Kuvie told the gathered guests at the premier of his latest video ‘Energy’.
With these words, and other questions that bothered on his craft, his unskippable, jam packed “Gruvie” EP, the highly promoted video screening for “Energy”, one of the bops on his EP was officially screened.
Featuring B4bonah and One RJZ (from La Meme Gang), the song celebrates love and the good energy it births. Directed by JWillz, the video has Kuvie, B4bonah and RJZ, with their respective ‘partners’ (source of their energy) inspiring their creativity.
Like Kuvie rightly described, the video is a visual representation of the moods experienced when in the presence of someone you love or like. He said in response to a question asked by one of the attendees about the palpable variance between the title of song and the calm tone of the video.

“Energy can be manifested in different ways’, Kuvie began his explanation, breaking down the concept of the video and the energy each scene represent: B4bonah was glowing in the presence of his lover; Kuvie is inspired to make music by his partner, Tsoobi; and RJZ uses his lover as muse to paint.
Kuvie has, over the years, carved a distinguished niche for himself. His rise on the music scene has been gradual, yet overwhelmingly impactful. His style of production combines minimalistic, mid-tempo sounds with traditional Ghanaian music elements. This style has earned him production credits on the albums of some of today’s big named artists such as Joey B, pappy Kojo, King Promise, A.I. and Vision DJ.
Asked how ‘Energy’ was made, Kuvie explained that, the song was originally for B4Bonah. RJZ jumped on the song when Kuvie was working on it in the studio (Villain Soundz).
On why it took him this while to put out videos for some of his songs, Kuvie literally gave the ‘God’s time is the best’ response. According to him, the plan was to release a few videos following the release of ”Gruvie” but, it didn’t turn out as planned. Additionally, Kuevi ‘wants to put his face out there more’. In simple terms, he wants to be seen and easily noticed. This helps promote his works and establish relationships with fans.
RJZ who showed up late for the premiering responded to questions from the event host. He credited the video crew and the work ethic exhibited by personnel on set as inspiring. RJZ’s musical itinerary looks packed: a La Meme Tape, a single and two albums for release in 2019.
The producer plans to release two more videos, aggressively promote ”Gruvie”- something he didn’t do previously- and “maybe drop ”Gruvie Vol. 2″‘. From all indications, Kuvie has enough vibes to share, musically speaking. Thankfully, he is prepared to put in the hours to get there.
Watch the artsy video below:

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