M.anifest Reflect On His Musical Journey With Kwesi Arthur On ‘’Feels’’

‘’Feels’’, the latest single from M.anifest is a celebration of his victories from the time he started out as a novice to his current status as one of the known faces or voices on the Ghanaian rap scene. In what qualifies as a recollection of his experiences, M.anifest emphatically state how he had ‘no roadmaps when I wrote raps’ in the past, but ‘now I’ve become leader’.

The MikeMillzOn’Em produced ‘’Feels’’ features Kwesi Arthur, whose hook sum up exactly the sentiments of M.anifest, his own story and that of others. Across the three versed rap song, M.anifest dots his raps with lyrics that emphasizes the state of the music industry; and drawing comparison between his penmanship and a gun: ‘’Industry shady we ripping we run/ holding my pen is like gripping a gun’.  He further talks about how he turned obstacles into gains: ‘’I’m nuts so these cashews I squeeze and make juice, yeah I breakthrough”.

The video, directed by OJ, shows M.anifest visiting a skating rink. A team of young skaters are seen practices their craft. But, a closer watch indicates a very important storyline that encapsulates the lyrics of the song. M.anifest relates his come-up story to a young kid aspiring to be a world class skater. The boy observes the older, more experienced skaters before taking his first steps (2:04). Despite failing (2:10), he dusts himself up and continues with his practice till he finds his stride- showing off in the process to a resounding applauds from his coach and other skaters.

M.anifest is not only telling his story through skating. The ‘godMC’ is drawing attention to an emerging culture in the country, and also, a sub-culture that is (or was) an integral component of the whole hip hop culture that emerged in the United States. It’s also heart-warming to see M.anifest hook up with Kwesi Arthur, whom the former brought out during his 2017 Ghana Meets Naija event.

‘’Like many other songs by M.anifest, ‘Feels’ combines thought-provoking lyrics with very appealing production; feeding into the well-known Akan proverb that goes like this: as we play, we are also thinking or making plans.


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