The Cut bring to readers each week music or albums that the writer deem worth listening or having in your playlist. The music is not genre and/or regionally specific. Once it is good, it will be covered here.
It will be safe to say rapper; C-Real has assumed a ‘rebel’ mindset in recent times as evident in his punchy lyrics. The Em.CEO is expressing strong views on politics, social vices and attitudes that stymie the country’s progress both in tweets and music. A couple of weeks ago, he with Wanlov debuted ‘Chale We Dey’ (a song with political theme). A week today, Ayekoo was released.
Produced by Nel Magnum (Roger That!), C-Real pours his heart out ‘If you doing your best chale more vim improve it/But if you causing a mess/just know that if the shoe fits/And Ghana lose grips/it is people like you they’ll be shooting’, a testament to how artistes are speaking about ‘dangerous’ topics as politics

2 Legit Records main act, A.I’s single Do Your Thing, a song heavy on the theme of ‘making it if you want to survive’ is one worth listening despite being almost a year old. The song, which samples Kendrick Lamar’s Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe instrumentations justifies my assertion that he is a skilled singer.
A.I earned a lot of respect after featuring on JaySo’s ‘Making Tasha Proud’ single last year. His voice and versatility -he sings and raps- are his selling points. ‘We all tryna survive get by/City lights got me hustling and so I try/ got to keep my head up high’, that’s exactly what we all must do in these trying times.
With good promo, Do Your Thing could become the next big anthem in GH.

The latest mixtape by Wanlov is a compilation of songs that he has created or being featured on by others. All the songs have either political or social messages. This won’t come as a surprise to many who follow Wanlov on twitter, where he continues to express disdain at the actions of mostly politicians crippling Ghana’s progress.
The 22 track mixtape features songs from artistes such as M3nsa, Sarkodie, EL, C-Real, Kwame Write, Eli Muzik among many. Songs such as the guitar led truthfully haunting Never Go Change and the sarcastically CoRaption. If there’s one thing Wanlov is exuding, it is him mirroring the political activism of one of his mentors, Fela Kuti. It is hear warming to hear artistes taking on subjects which hitherto were regarding on ‘taboo’.

What kind of world is this? /Greed has filled our hearts/Man has jettisoned truth/Hypocrisy is our bane/Wickedness is all around us’, are the opening lines on the new Obrafour track. Finally, the rumours are getting confirmed. Obrafour will surely be releasing his long awaited album.
His second single, Nkontompo (Lies) is a testament to this fact. Accompanied by banging hiphop beats produced by Nature, which is an attribute of the High Priest of Rap on this new single sweeps clean most of the lies in society.
Obrafour touches on false prophecy, corruption, religious bigotry and need for unity on Nkontompo “Is not funny anymore/Some other believers even declare holy war/Chale abeg, tell me what’s holy about this war?’, he quizzes.
As typical of Obrafour, kicking knowledge is one trademark of his and surely he did school us on this new one. Check it

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