Review: Zed Ay Kay- ”Versatility” Album

In an industry where the perks of recognition does not often fall on the plate of some of the best talents, it would not be a surprise if the name of Zed Ay Kay does not register immediately. His music has not crossed over into the mainstream fold, not because the songs are not great. Rather, the songs do not […]

Review: The Ashawos – “Gbeke Gbonyo”

First, their name is intriguing and would have you raise a brow in surprise. The word ‘Ashawo’ carries with it a negative connotation. It is a local term used to describe a prostitute. So, for a trio to change their name from “The Others Band” to “The Ashawos” is quite interesting. The reaction their name evokes reflect in their art. […]

Wanlov The Enigma

What makes Wanlov an enigma rest far from his image and more with his music and his antics. No one has a better description of Wanlov (Emmanuel Owusu Bonsu) than himself. And not many understand him or his ways. But, if there is one thing we love about him, it is his music. He is one of the most refreshing […]

Album Review: “Red Card: Minstrel Cycle” By Wanlov

If there is one thing Wanlov has been consistently great at, it is his continuous mission to steer our minds – and our eyes- towards the shenanigans of our political leaders, often carried out unapologetically and in broad daylight since the 1950s. Wanlov has a knack at presenting various instances involving our politicians who obfuscate our national progress. He does […]

Throwback: Wanlov – Human Being

2007. University of Ghana. Tyme Out, Legon Hall. It was the night DJ Black and his crew from Joy FM hosted the “Open House Party” live from the University of Ghana campus. The days leading up to the event had witnessed students making plans to be in attendance. I was not certain on going. So, when the day came, I […]

Five Reasons Why The Fokn Bois Are Worth Celebrating

One of the biggest groups to emerge out of Ghana in recent times is undoubtedly the Foes of Kwame Nkrumah, the FOKN Bois for short. The duo of Wanlov and M3nsa have won admirers and foes in equal measure. Despite this love-hate relationship between them and a section of the public, one cannot but admire their artistry. They have become […]

“Afrobeats LOL” Stands As FOKN Bois’ Most Commercial Album (Thus Far)

The FOKN Bois are your quintessential agent provocateurs. Their music tend to speak truth to power and also tackle issues that afflict humanity, especially those society  refuses to address despite their debilitating impact. So, themes like corruption- be it political or economic, social inequality, religious exploitation,lawlessness and indiscipline are the linchpins of most of their musical or cinematic creations. Take […]

Watch Video: M3NSA Waves His Socio-Political Memo On “Eyes But No Eyes”

M3NSA is a creative genius and remains one of the most politically observant artists of our time. On singles like “How Far” and “Gidigidi” and full length projects – either singularly or jointly (with fellow RedRed act, DJ Elo) or his friend and collaborator, Wanlov (one-half of FOKN Bois, a group M3NSA belongs), the two have frequently touched on social […]


THE CUTS reviews songs, videos or albums we think deserves your attention. The music covered are not genre and/or region specific. Once it is good, it would be reviewed here. THE CUTS is available every FRIDAY Fuse ODG feat Damian Marley – Bra Fie Saying Fuse ODG has been representing Ghana in the diaspora would be an understatement. Aside Wiyaala, […]

Trigmatic Is The Apostle Who Deserves Our Attention

The music industry has never been fair. Often, those who are expected to have a seat at the royal table for some reason end up few rows behind it. Some may even get placed in a very obscure corner of the dinning chamber. But, that’s what happens when humans are left to dictate and validate what is ‘best’. Many talents […]