Poet Vanessa Medie (@dzaydorm), a Ghanaian/Liberian spoken word artiste who burst onto the spoken word arena a year ago though she has been writing poetry for a couple of years back has released another spoken word piece Phases

Phases touches on the themes of life, growth, identity, arts and emotions. The charm of Phases lies in the message and the emotion that clasped the delivery.
Vanessa is among the few female poets who are carving a niche for themselves in the poetry sphere with relevant and mind-blowing themes on contemporary issues
Listen and download Phases by clicking on the link below. Included are the words of the poem.


These days that add to me steal from me

I was a whole moon now crescent

A prominent face of innocence

Hassled by an ugly world left barely decent.

I must be a descendant of pain

The rain must knows me by name

And told these dark clouds to hover over my head

Just to shower my shame.

And though my finger points at all but me

It is I who is to blame.

I am afraid

Standing in the middle of myself too scared to look around

Tip toeing around my conscience

Too scared to make a sound

 A pound of my flesh for each tragedy told

Another pound still for the hurt

Now ain’t I a sight to behold! Yesterday has grown cold

The ice keeps melting into my flesh

It’s seeping through my pores

Saturated with blood oozing from my chest.

I cannot thresh black from white

And so I’m stuck with the grey

The me I was stands in a distance

From the me that I am today.

Oh, But these days that steal from me add to me

I am a crescent forming into a full moon

An eminent evidence of growth

A butterfly to emerge from this cocoon.


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