Review: Vintage Highlife With A Dash of Modernity Fills Santrofi’s “Alewa”

“Alewa” by Santrofi captures the spirit of highlife, delivering it in their own ways without compromising on its riveting authenticity” When some legends of highlife music proclaimed the transgenerational nature of the genre, they appeared to have had a tunnel vision of how things would play out decades ahead. The clairvoyance of these highlife veterans is being vindicated. The power […]

On ”I No De Bed”, M3NSA Shares What Keeps Him Awake

When Ghanaian rapper, M3NSA took to social media to announce his hiatus from all online engagements, it was clear to gleam from his comments that he has had enough from people, events and (in) actions of those entrusted to make things happen. The two-part video posted on his social media feeds on June 2 with its accompanying hashtag #TheShowMustBePaused had […]

Talking Verses: M3NSA on “Far Away”

“Sometimes I just need to be alone/Sometimes I just want to be in my own zone”. M3NSA croons on the short bridge connecting his rap verse to the hook of “Far Away”, the sixth song- and one of the instant standouts off Joey B’s recently released “Lava Feels”. Having listened to the song a couple of times, I’m still surprised […]

Agyekum’s Classic “Hohuo Asem” And Hammer’s (Last 2) Regret

In 2011, legendary music producer Hammer (Last 2), produced a song that became a treasured record among a crop of music lovers. Unlike most of his renowned works, this particular single did not become a national hit. However, the song has become an almost cult classic among some fans. As Hammer would admit, he did not ‘put resources” behind the […]

Album Review: “GreySkies Are Smokescreens” By Sizz The Truth

Two years ago, Sizz The Truth offered a glimpse into his art with “The Whole Truth”, a 10 track album that had features from Ko-Jo Cue and Cina Soul. The tape also boasted some notable records like “Never Told”, “Longest Round” and “Fatality”. It also exhibited Sizz’s love for melodious rap. In our review of the album, we described Sizz […]

Ko-Jo Cue’s Tales On “Muddy Story”, “Never Mind” And “Loser” Matter

For any conceptually brilliant album, there are a string of records that form the pivot of the album. In this article, we highlighted the three records that hold “For My Brothers” together. Ko-Jo Cue’s album, For My Brothers (FMB) has been out for three months and the response accorded the album has been enormous. The talented rapper did not only […]

Talking Verses: ”Too Naughty” By Worlasi Is A Motivational Anthem

“You got it all/ We ain’t got shit but life goes on… I for hate but all you got dey motivate me” – Worlasi When Worlasi dropped his debut album ‘’Nus3″ in 2015, it was instantly hailed as a bona fide classic. And it was not hard to realize why after listening to it. The album was different, raw, matured […]

Ko-Jo Cue – You Alone (Video)

Ko-Jo Cue emerges from the back of a crowd, pushing and shoving towards the front where the small congregated crowd stare at the photos of some great Ghanaian legends within the entertainment space who art had passed away. Images of legends like Super OD, Araba Stamp, Kiki Gyan, Charles Kofi (CK) Mann, Terry Bonchaka, Owusu-Ansah, Ronny Coaches plus others beam […]

Sarkodie’s “Friends To Enemies” Examines Burden of Success On Others.

­­­­“Brand no be strong enough, if ebi strong, keep quiet e go soon common, I stay mute one-year sef full support” – Sarkodie on “Advice” When you thought you’ve had enough of Sarkodie, he manages to, for some reason, get you gushing over him again. He appears to have mastered the craft of judging when discontent among people – not […]

Sarkodie and Akan Share Travel Tales on “All Die Be Die”

“I won’t play with my time on earth’, Sarkodie opines towards the end of ”All Die Be Die”, his latest single with Akan. The song explores the story of life and the agonies associated with trying to make it out hustle. The two rappers take turns to narrate their ‘personal’ ordeals in their attempts at breaking the mould of poverty […]