ImageThe Alliance Francaise hosted Ghana’s very own Blitz The Ambassador and the Embassy MVMT band and on display was an extraordinary performance which shall remain etched on the minds of all those present that eventful Saturday 25th January night.

This was the second time Blitz and his band have staged a concert in Accra, the first being in 2011 weeks after releasing his Native Sun album. This year, Accra kicked started the Afropolitan Dream Tour, a world tour embarked on by Blitz The Ambassador to herald the release of his new album Afropolitan Dreams.

The Brooklyn based MC for almost 2 hours was on his feet, pumped up with monstrous energy, dishing out hits upon hits from his musical repertoire featuring songs off his albums Native Sun, Stereotype and the Warm Up EP.

The intense energy on display rubbed on the audience who for most of the time were on their feet, responding to his command, dancing, singing or rapping along to every one of his tracks.

So amazing was the excitement that when he was done with his set, the crowd chanted, calling him back for an encore. He obliged. He came and performed three or more songs to the satisfaction of the crowd.

Highlights of the show was when Blitz called out one of Ghana’s evergreen highlife legend, Gyedu Blay Ambolley to the stage. Uncle Gyedu-Blay with his saxophone joined the band to play some rhythms for the MC.

Another was when he went embracing his parents who were present and shouting them out. It was a sight to behold. One could feel the chills of excitement.

What stood out for me was the abundance of energy present in one man. He was all over the stage, dancing, playing the drum, rapping, singing, jumping from one end to the other without a trace of exhaustion. Indeed, you don’t expect less from a performer who plays about 30 shows in one calendar year. And yes, there is a lot other Ghanaian artistes could learn from him per their stagecraft.

Also, the relationship with his band was terrific. They knew what he wanted. Each gesture he threw to them was responded in equal measure. There was no glitch whatsoever. Even if there was nobody will notice. Their performance was flawless.

ImageImagePrior to Blitz The Ambassador taking to the stage, Future, a female MC/Singer had opened the show with a stellar act. Then there was Yaa Pono, one of the talented rappers in Ghana, bringing good measure of heat to the stage. His performance was overwhelmingly received by the crowd. I was blown because it was my first seeing him live on stage.

The Afropolitan Dream Tour was phenomenal. There was no dreary moment. Surely, the audience wouldn’t have raise an objection if Blitz had played all night. You could glean the excitement and satisfaction, likewise the ‘It-ended- too- soon” expression on their faces.

This was the first time I had seen Blitz The Ambassador live in concert and I wish I could see him all year round.

The Afropolitan Dream Tour was put together by AccradoltAlt and Yoyotinz and hosted by Mutombo DaPoet.

The Afropolitan Dream album drops in March, 2014.


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