SuperJazzClub’s “Welcome to the Club” and Dazed 100 Reviews Hint Spectacular 2024

Amidst an electrifying ambiance of unity and musical prowess, SuperJazzClub, the renowned music collective from Ghana, orchestrated a spellbinding homecoming concert on the 20th of December that had patrons and social media offering rave reviews as the collective closed an eventful 2023. Titled ‘Welcome to the Club,’ the live concert saw a captivating fusion of rhythms and a jubilant reunion […]

Happenings in 2021: Part 1

I remember vividly where I was on 1st Jan 2021. I also recall how a meeting with an executive of a global music company changed the career trajectory of a budding artist. more on that later. A lot happened in 2021 on the Ghanaian music and art scene, specifically with music.  The old legends kept their turf guarded while cultivating […]

Review: The Angel You Don’t Know Is Amaarae ‘s Finest, Yet

On her debut album THE ANGEL YOU DON’T KNOW (TAYDK), Amaarae trundles within the halls of debauchery, money, and mystery. Served on a sonic plate of RnB, punk rock, and Afropop, the 26-year-old Ghanaian singer showcases the boldness of her generation: boisterous, unapologetic, confident, and unhinged in her edicts on the themes that helm the album. TAYDK had been in […]

ASEM Versus TEMA: A Detailed Investigation

If there is anything good that this Coronavirus induced global lockdown has contributed to the entertainment scene, it is the fact that it has made people creative. Rappers and DJs have found a way to spend time with their fans via social media. Instagram Live has become the concert hall where many go to have a good time. In the […]

Republic Bar: A Spot For Music Videos

Opened on 1st July, 2012; a significant date in the political history of Ghana- the country assumed its Republican status on July 1- The Republic Bar and Grill has for Ghana, has for the past 8 years become one of the best outdoor spots in the nation’s capital. Founded by two brothers – Kofi and Raja Owusu- Ansah, “Republic”, as […]

An Art Exhibition on Health, Science And Engineering To Be Held In Accra, Ghana

We hear of Albert Einstein, Marie Curie and others and wonder who their Ghanaian contemporaries might have been. Is Ghana a scientific or technology desert, so as to speak? Who are those scientists that we can point to? In the Evolution of Science exhibition, opening on the 9th December, 2019 at the Museum of Science and Technology, Accra, we centre […]

Nubuke Foundation Reopens on 23 November 2019 With Photographic Exhibition- ‘James Barnor: A Retrospective’

Nubuke Foundation is pleased to officially announce the reopening of its bespoke arts space and extended campus at its existing premises in East Legon, Accra, following two years of reconstruction. This is a milestone in the development of arts and cultural infrastructure in Ghana and West Africa. Designed by architects, Baerbel Mueller and Juergen Strohmayer, the space now comprises of […]

Review: Rapper Akan Exudes Unbridled Intimacy

On the few occasions that I have the rapper Akan live, I had often left the venue with extreme satisfaction. Even his brief showings on other peoples’ events are executed with pure class. Akan hands you excitement and awe; you are left feeling satisfied yet lingering for another dose of his live performance. In other words, Akan has mastered the […]

The Maiden Edition of the Yoyo Tinz Festival Set To Start In 2 Weeks

  From Monday 19th to Sunday 25th November 2018, the Accra based collective yoyo tinz will invite Accra’s population to experience its very first hip hop festival. yoyo tinz is a cultural organisation aiming at promoting, documenting and archiving hip hop culture in Ghana and beyond, with a strong emphasis on sharing knowledge about the culture and the societies from […]

Concert Review: “JulyFest” Lived Up To Expectation

There are increasing avenues for artists to connect with their fans in recent times. One new addition to the growing list is ”JulyFest”; an assemblage of some notable and alternative music acts making waves within the music scene in Ghana at present. After weeks of promoting the event, which was staged to commemorate Ghana’s Republic Day, “JulyFest” lived to the […]