There is a visible resurgence on the artscape in the city mirroring those of the early 60s through the late 70s. But this time, the resurgence is not permeating only a spectrum of the art scene-music and films-as the case was in the 60s and 70s. What the city is currently witnessing is a wave across myriad of turfs-music, art, poetry, theatre, films, books (literature) and talk parties.
Each day of the week and most importantly the weekends are packed with series of activities that are amazingly fun, educative and entertaining and invigoratingly adventurous attracting revelers of all kinds- locals, expats, youth, old, visitors and hipsters.
Although the diversity of activities draws its own targeted audience, most times, revelers miss out on some of the most exciting and important events that the city offers. And this is where Accra Culture Capsule makes a timeous entrance.
A quarterly online event aggregator, Accra Culture Capsule serves as the essential guide to the city’s arts hotspot; a calendar that informs and direct individuals of what is on offer for the months in a quarter.
Edited by Delali Quarshie and Nii Ayikwei Parkes (Commissioning Editor), the first edition of the Culture Capsule, Alpha Issue, published in February, 2016 gave readers an insight into the arts and culture scene of the city and also aided in making advance plans on the places or events to attend.
The first edition, Alpha Issue, published in February, 2016 not only gave readers a view into the art and culture scenes in the city. It afforded aided readers the opportunity to make advance plans on where to go or events to see.
Aside serving as a message board for events, the Alpha Issue also brought to readers historical and famous sites of the city-places that are could be described as ‘distinctly Accra’.
The Osu Night Market described as ‘resplendent in the glow of kerosene torches and smiling vendors, a place of sensory wonder’ was the first ‘distinctly Accra’ spot covered in this Alpha Issue with some amazing photos.
The book section of the Alpha Issue featured excerpts from Ama Ata Aidoo’s novel ‘Changes’ whiles the Quarter/Quarter section, dedicated to reminiscing happenings in Accra some 25 years back highlighted the achievement of revered veteran musician and guitarist, Agya Koo Nimo.
Timely created, nicely laid out-the colour, graphics, photos-and notes that comes with events coupled with the various spotlights- places, people, books- makes Accra Capsule an informative resource about the art scene, personalities and places within the city.
As the editorial states, the idea for the Accra Culture Capsule is offer the reader ‘an advance quarterly guide and unveil the different parts of Accra…that contribute to make Accra fun’. And based on the first edition, Accra Culture Capsule lives its tag as ‘your guide to Accra’s cultural calendar’.
Read the Alpha Edition of Accra Culture Capsule here 
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