Review of Nenebi Tony’s Book ‘’Everything That Happened And The People Who Made It”.

Documenting a decade of interesting, yet important cultural shaping events within the Ghanaian entertainment landscape is an arduous task especially for a writer considering the paucity of information available – due to lack of proper, and verifiable documents.  Under such circumstances, one is inclined to rely on memory, reliable bits and pieces of information, and direct interviews with stakeholders and […]

Press Release: NUBUKE FOUNDATION Temporary Closure For Refurbishment

  Nubuke Foundation, Accra will be temporarily closed to the public from 31 July 2018 while the East Legon campus is remodelled with a new purpose-built, modern gallery building, a library, a café, recreational areas and landscaped grounds solely devoted to the arts and culture. Refurbishments on the existing gallery spaces will transform them into a vibrant hub of galleries, […]

The Real Ones Are Never What You THINK: An interview with STRAFF

I’m inspired right now, probably because of Richard’s recent article or the euphoria in my eyes. Last two days have been a rush for me, it’s been a rush for the culture and I’m quite joyous and excited. I met STRAFF earlier this week and it’s the best experience I’ve had in a while! I was so happy. I love […]

An interview with Award winning Tunisian filmmaker Selim Gribba

If the law is retrograde, it is a duty to transgress and move the red lines On December 17, 2010, twenty-six-year-old fruit and vegetable vendor, Mohammed Bouazizi, from the  rural town of  Sidi Bouzid in Tunisia , was allegedly insulted and  slapped by the police because he refused to hand over his cart to the authorities. Humiliated, Mohammed marched to […]

More Branches interview with Dolapo Alade [Beat FM 97.9]

Dolapo Alade is an On -Air Personality (AOP) for Ibadan based Beat FM in Nigeria. She talks to Adedayo Lekatu (More Branches). How has music grown over the years to you being a personality on radio? Dolapo Alade : Music has grown immensely; to the point the international market has seen the uniqueness and beauty of it, to want to […]


In its third year, The Write Experience illuminates pathways of cultural movements and shared histories in West African countries with TROTRO TELEPORT THEORY. With experimental film making via a mobile residency as artists from GHANA, TOGO, BURKINA FASO, CAMEROON and BENIN meet and share to create new forms of expressions and collages inspired by folk storytelling/poetry, music, dance, graffiti and […]


  NMA (Nima Muhinmanchi Art); presents an exhibition to celebrate their 5th Anniversary on From Wednesday 11th May to Tuesday, 7th June at Alliance Française Accra. NMA (Nima Muhinmanchi Art) presents an exhibition to celebrate its 5th year in existence. Nima Muhinmanchi Art (NMA) is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) founded in Nima-441(Accra Ghana) in 2011, by a collective of artists […]


There is a visible resurgence on the artscape in the city mirroring those of the early 60s through the late 70s. But this time, the resurgence is not permeating only a spectrum of the art scene-music and films-as the case was in the 60s and 70s. What the city is currently witnessing is a wave across myriad of turfs-music, art, […]


This post is written by EliMuzik (Edward Ayikoe), a Ghanaian musician who is passionate about his music and the state of music as it exists in today’s world. He is a FELARITE, meaning takes inspiration from Fela Kuti. I asked him to put together his thoughts on the state of arts (music) in Ghana after reading a string of posts […]