Francis Amissah, Founder of TalkmediaGhana, Featured In An International Magazine

Blogging has become a big industry in Ghana in recent years and bloggers are now getting the recognition they deserve and making revenue as well. The revenue is however dependent on how creatively different and smart the blogger approaches the business and how the numbers look like on the site.

It therefore comes as no surprise founder and CEO of TalkMediaGhana, Francis ‘Banks’ Amissah, has been featured in an international magazine for his good works. In an interview with UK based Perazim Magazine, a quarterly comprehensive online magazine that delivers an authentic taste into African fashion, photography, music, artists and film makers, including exclusive and groundbreaking interviews, Francis shed light on quite a number of business and personal stuff.

Asked how the journey for his career has been so far for him, he didn’t mince words to paint a different picture of the reality. He answered saying: ”Bittersweet. It’s a highly competitive field you know? Today you’re up, tomorrow you’re down there – it’s the survival of the smartest and most consistent”. Francis has been blogging consistently for the past 6 years and has been able to work with quite a number of big brands. In the interview, he lamented on the genesis on his career and why he has been on that trajectory still with very hunger he started with.

He mentioned how he got introduced to social media and digital marketing, by a business partner and decided to give it a shot. As a result of his good works he said, ”I have been able to secure contracts with top tier brands like MTN (Ghana), Rémy Martin (Ghana), Alliance Motors Limited (Ghana), Kasapreko, West Hills Mall and F Project to mention but few”.

Francis’ job is publishing news. He is like your average newspaper, news agency or radio station who strives to keep people up to speed on real time entertainment news. He also spends time promoting new brands and making sure they meet their targets and achieve their goals. This is a crucial part of what he does – making the unknown known.

When asked ”What are the major challenges that you have faced in the field of digital marketing?”, Francis answered saying that time and budget constraints as well as training his team, are main challenges in the field he finds himself in. This therefore means that if these two things are taken out of his way, he is poised to do even more amazing than he currently does and we believe it. With time, Francis wants to be known as one of the best bloggers to come out of the continent, whiles he moves around the globe connecting with new people and increasing business opportunities.

Francis ‘Banks’ Amissah is undoubtedly one of the best bloggers in Ghana currently. Check him out on his portfolio website – www.banksofficial.com. There, you will get his Electronic Press Kit (EPK), clientele and a detailed bio. Also visit www.talkmediaghana.com for up to the minute news updates on anything afro-entertainment.

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