Wanlov, the Kubolor

In this video, Wanlov preaches in a simple, controversial yet elegant manner.

Wanlov the Kubolor. The bearer of this name divides opinions. Whereas some describe him as controversial, strange or a lost soul, others regard him as the representation of simplicity, freedom and a son of nature. Within this disputations and labeling, one thing remains undisputable: Wanlov is the quintessentially creative.
The African Gypsy-as he calls himself- is not only a brilliant songwriter and performer; he also wears the garb of a video director, film maker and an actor. He continues to court controversy thanks to his biting lyrics, stark sarcasm and ‘unpopular’ opinions on myriad of issues. Put bluntly, Wanlov loves to be in the midst of controversy.
His commentaries on everyday subjects particularly politics, religion and other social issues leaves a section of the public cringing and others punching their fist in the air. He has been one of the few people who fought –and still fights- against homophobia. He has argued, spiritedly and lashed out at those who condemn gays in interviews and on social media. The spate of corruption, perpetuated particularly by the political class has received his attention. He is also a fierce critic of Christianity.
And in this new video to one of his controversial anti-religious songs, Wanlov unapologetically takes shot at some of these ‘Men of God’ whose actions/comments have led to a cross-section of people questioning their call by God-he wished death on some local and international African preachers.
Released yesterday (his birthday), the video for Very Soon tackles, in vivid and lucid terms the subject of Christianity and ‘African-ism’. With the use of close-ups and long shots, very slow motion technique –obviously for emphasis- and in black and white (rolling back the times), the video reveals an African dressed in his fugu (smock) and wearing a hat standing in front of a door. The man, played by Funsho Ogundipe wears a stern facial expression.


The camera strays away from his face and rest on his hands clutching a leather rope which he is strongly pulls.  As the camera gradually rolls, one is shown what is really happening. The rope the man is pulling is tied to a Caucasian preacher man played by Jules David Bartkowski who is struggling to untangle himself.
Finally, the African grabs preacher, pulling him into the house despite the esoteric shouts of the white man. The camera eventually reveals the huge house the African is standing in front-The Ussher Fort in the colonial town of Jamestown. Interestingly, the camera zooms in inscription ‘Gateway Re-Built’ adorning the fort.
The statement gleaned from Very Soon video is simple: ditch Christianity- the western religion the colonialists forcibly introduced to Africans, which in modern times has become a tool for exploitation and abuse by these so-called men of God. It is a call for Africans to embrace their traditional ways of worshiping God.
Judging by the numerous corruptible and ungodly actions reported daily in the media about fake pastors and their indoctrination strategy, it is about time the African sees through the lies-not to remain perpetually hoodwinked-and live free.

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