THREE2014 will go down as the ‘Year of Mixtapes and singles’ judging by the number of tapes/songs being released by artistes both established and come-ups.  Two up-coming rappers who have joined this train are long time collaborators Terah AM and JumpOFF, who released THREE-the total number of tracks on the tape as free download (download here http://t.co/oKopEeuSQB )
THREE focuses largely on the indulgencies and cravings of the 21st century generation who preoccupy themselves with social media, parties and drugs. The mixtape, produced by JumpOff carries a ‘ratchet nusic’ appeal- minor chords, snares and kicks. With the southern vibe taking over mainstream hip hop; it’s not so surprising to hear these two throw bars over the beats.
Terah Am and JumpOff took to mocking the ways of many youths on social media (twitter/instagram) on LMFAO.  Touching on the actions of the ‘lost generation’, JumpOff raps:
 ‘Boys tryna hit on your BM/send me nudes/please send me nudes/Instagram posting/girls posing like fishes in the ocean/and boys be watching with hands full of lotion’.
Sounds funny but then the grim reality of how ‘lost’ we are lies in the commentary “we rather think about the next tweet than the next week/that’s lame but we are still proud to be lost/like no more sweets/ no more I love you/you can have this gifts/we are at your doorstep with expensive jokes/no expensive gifts..’
MARLEY JAMMIN’ is a track about smoking, highlighting the state of mind of those who indulge in it as well as happenings at such jolly zones-where drinks are laced to unlock chains of freedom-from an observer’s eye.
‘Welcome to the jungle/they put some weed in the booze so you can tango/Why? Cos you don’t wanna dance/Dem thirsty ass ni**as don’t wanna take chance’’ observes Terah AM.
Good life does not happen without hard work and on Y.A.G.A which features Kwame Nsiah brings home the point. ‘Kill yourself for the grind like a suicide/till the doors on your whip turn suicide’. Word!
THREE is not the type of record one will associate with these two rappers, who in the past have collaborated on and crafted some very good works. If you have listened to Terah AM on Pushing Envelopes and singles like Government Schemes you will wonder why this turn.
THREE is different. it’s playful and funny. Terah AM and JumpOFF are showcasing a side of them we don’t know much. Is not an album that exudes any ‘seriousness’ albeit they left a couple of ‘thinking spots’ on some of the tracks. It’s a tape on which these two decided to have fun and extend the fun to their fans in an interesting style.

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