THE CUTS: EP 06 Vol.7

THE CUTS is a weekly review that introduces you to new songs and videos. The songs and videos covered are not genre or region-specific. Once we find it dope, we’ll share our thoughts on it here.

Seyyoh – Get It Right

The quarantine season has offered much more than a period of rest. After all, how does one rest when there are things to do, even when you can’t go outside? For many creatives, this period has afforded them the opportunity to be more creative; time to improve their art through experimentation, all geared towards growth. These are better achieved when you belong to a group or a collective. The opportunity to be challenged and inspired to elevate ones craft is very present.

That’s what the Super Jazz Club collective are doing. Seyyoh, a member, released a single, well more like an interlude, a few days ago. She’s the third member to do so after Øbed (Do You Mind?) and Ansah Live (Let Me Know). Titled” Get It Right”, you are bound to mistake it for a song about taking a vacation, in its literal sense. But, it runs deeper than that. The guitar-driven, lo-fi crafted “Get It Right” is a breakup song. Seyyoh’s soft vocals trundles along the Øbed and Ansah Live produced beats. “Think you losing all control/ And, I’m calling it in/ I think you need something to do”, a spark of tenderness smoothens out the hurt in her words.

Ria Boss – Call Up

Ria Boss is reminding you to do one thing: call the people you love. ”Call Up”, her latest song is quintessentially Ria Boss: soulful, mellow, therapeutic. In her signature whispery voice, she enquires: “Are you happy, babe?”. “Call Up” is a song that encourages you to step out of a state of morose to a place where joy abounds; where you can appreciate the little things that fills you with happiness like spotting the “shooting stars that float across the sky”. You don’t have to carry your load all by yourself. Heed to the words of Ria Boss. Pick the phone and “Call Up”.

Zana May – Beyond Shadows

One noticeable thing about Zana May upon hearing ‘Beyond Shadows’ is her ability to employ her voice as an instrument beyond singing (think James Blake). On this song, the Londoner talks about breaking free from someone’s hold and chasing after her dreams. The production is spacey, allowing Zana’s vocals to fill the pockets. ‘’Beyond Shadows’’ is produced by Moor Sound whose range has become more expansive; something you can attribute to his spending time in the studio sharpening his skills.

Freddie Gambini – What If?

The string of questions that Freddie Gambini muses about on this record are the same questions we brood over when observing our “quiet time”. Doubts paradoxes of life- family, friends, the fear of the unknown keeps us awake at night. In a sing-rap style, Freddie Gambini pours over some issues over a simple hip hop beat with a heavy 808 and reverbs. ” I’m not a saint/I wish the things around me change… what if I was wrong about this music then my life’s fucked like a whore”. These are part of the things that keeps Freddie Gambini awake.

Dark Suburb – Kelewele

I don’t remember the last time I heard a song by the afro rock band Dark Suburb. So, hearing their single “Kelewele” left me wondering the cause of their long recess.b Like the title indicate, this song is an ode to kelewele, one of the beloved Ghanaian foods. In their signature afro rock style, Dark Suburb emphasizes the place of kelewele within the Ghanaian dietary space. Fried plantation can serve a variety of purposes: as a full dish, dessert, side dish and could be eaten along with jollof, waakye and more. If you are a Ghanaian and not a fan of kelewele (besides medical reasons) then you must question your heritage.

Sam Sun – Remember When

“Remember When” is the kind of song that seduces you as soon as you press play. Its airy, soulful and melancholic feel transport you into this lonely realm. The vibe of the song is made more melancholic by the subject matter: love and heartbreak. ‘Remember When” is a recollection of events leading to a breakup. “I used to be someone, full of love/ Not this empty soul”, opening words of the intro is delivered in this Enya-esque style. With a style that merges folk music and soul, Sam Sun broods over how his lover left him for someone. “Remember when I told you this feeling is like a dream/You promised me it’s gonna be our own reality”. Though the signs for a breakup was present, Sam Sun failed to notice because his “signals’ grew weak

Olajuwon ft. Seumusik – Night Life

Mid-tempo beat, vocals matching the tone of the beat and lyrics affirming the usual nightlife shenanigans where boys and ladies converge to have a good outing- drinks, smoke, and romps. Olajuwon and Seunmisik share their individual tales across on this hip hop sounding song produced by Midebeats.

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