THE CUTS: EP 06 Vol.7

THE CUTS is a weekly review that introduces you to new songs and videos. The songs and videos covered are not genre or region-specific. Once we find it dope, we’ll share our thoughts on it here. Seyyoh – Get It Right The quarantine season has offered much more than a period of rest. After all, how does one rest when […]

Super Jazz Club Is Here; Release First Single ”Couple Black Kids”.

You should have seen it coming if you have been following individual members of the collective, Super Jazz Club. They are not a team of old musicians who perform jazz songs. Neither is it the name of a jazz club. The Super Jazz Club is a collective of 7 young guys who are keeping jazz alive by embalming their songs […]

Bryan The Mensah is moving at his own pace on ‘Friends With The Sun’ EP

  Knowing how to move in this young and vibrant, yet fast changing Ghanaian music industry is an advantage. Knowing your worth as an artist is the gunpowder to your survival. While some break through by following the latest trends, those who adopt the often long and arduous road to success need to have the patience of a Buddhist monk. […]