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Sofie –Rise

Orchestra sound meet jazz. That’s what Sofie Svan is offering on ‘’Rise’’. The song opens with a solo violin performance which is soon swarmed by a full blown orchestra renditions. Sofie’s voice breezes through, singing about rising above situations that seem to pin her down. ‘’Rise’’ is about rising when you feel knocked down by situations.

‘As a fly, the spirit that connect to my soul/I’ll never be a half ‘cos I’m whole anytime I bring me back to you’, she makes known on the live recorded song. The video accompanying the song features her and her bandmates jamming away with shots of mostly dark skinned women having a delightful time in front of the camera. ‘Rise’ is a laid back, jazzy song with a very notable message.  

Nana Benyin – Borkor

A name change, a new look and perhaps, a new musical direction. Or is it more about exploring other musical sides? Nana Benyin looks different now: braided hair, a bit chubby. It appears he is in a happy place (pun intended) living happily and free.

This new phase of Nana Benyin shines on his recently released, DNA produced “Borkor“. Taking on a highlife/afropop character, the song has Nana Benyin confessing his readiness to follow his lover anywhere. This he delivers in a sing-rap style; something that won’t surprise longtime fans who have heard him on previous projects trying out his singing side.

Nana Benyin has a voice ideal for singing. What he needs is to practice more. Again, he should sing in Fante rather than Twi as M3nsa does. On the mid-tempo “Borkor”, one can hear him trying to hold back his Fante tongue. Just embrace it bro!

E.L – Higher (Video)

“Higher”, the single cast in the afropop template that E.L has designed for most of his releases since his award-winning, gospel framed ”Koko” is gaining traction. And judging by the ‘goodwill’ the song is earning, it won’t be too much of a surprise to see EL back to form once more. (I pray so).

The aesthetics of the video aside, the concept spotlights the beautiful culture/traditions of the Ewe people: from the agbadza dance, costumes to seeing a wooden coffin drifting away on a canoe. (I’m curious to know the symbolism of that act). The rest of the scenes- beach, bomb fire- have been fixtures in EL’s videos for some time. In all, “Higher” is a catchy tune. Kemist Gold and Yaw Skyface directed a video that matches the song’s appeal.

Daney King Eli – Lost

A song a month. That’s the task afro-fusion artist, Daney King Eli has given himself as part of his “Long Way To Peki” series. Coming off last month’s “Cheers”, Daney tackles the contemporary issue of social media and its effect on people on the second single “Lost'”.

”A hero, I see in the mirror/ oh no, confidence be zero”, Daney lays his first thoughts on the Twistedwavex produced, xylophone puncturing song. He further touches on the ‘conformity culture’, mental health, desire to be recognized which potentially leads to self-hate, loss of self and low esteem. Daney King Eli’s music is a refreshing listen and the subject he covers is socially relevant. We don’t have many of Daney King Eli’s kind in the game right now.

Jean Feier – You Are.

The magic of Jean Feier lies in the fluffiness that graces her music. Her voice is tender, whispery and soothing. The themes she talks about are the very things that we want such a voice to talk– LOVE. If one can gauge the personality of an artist via the songs they make, Jean will be the girl who can project her delicate sensibilities and her steely side when it matters.

‘’I wish you could hold me/ drive away the lonely’’ she sings on the RnB/soul ‘’You Are’’. She also knows how she wishes to be treated, urging her lover to hold on to her: ‘’Be my keeper/I’ll keep you alive’’.  Towards the end of the song, she switches from English to Twi with a short bridge, assuring her lover of being the only one in her heart over the Yusie produced song.

C-Note – Crossroads

Woozy chimes, couplets delivered in a spoken word strokes. C-Note has a message to her fellow females: know you are strong enough. ‘’Crossroads’ is an epistle about fining strength, self-belief, knowing your worth and independence. ‘Show the world what you are about/if you haven’t figured it out/I think that you should know’’, she croons on the hook.

Produced by Paa Bright and Twistedwavex, with additional vocal work from Tony Bright, C-Note made a song to uplift broken women; let them see the light within themselves. The cover art of the single- a burning match stick illuminating a lady with a glum face is apt. C-Note has a message and y’all must hear it.

La Meme Gang ft Kuami Eugene – This Year (Video)

La Meme Gang might have taken a different musical turn with “This Year” featuring Kuami Eugene, but the video is within their lane- low budget, retro aesthetics, people focused. Choosing to shoot a video for a song about triumphant year at the beach is good.

Surrounded by fisher folks of varied ages, Darkovibes, $pacely, RJZ, along with Kuami Eugene bask in the glow of a fruitful future. Don’t know if the ‘quality’ of video the Collective are putting out is a reflection of their alte traits. No issues if that’s the case. If not, La Meme Gang must begin shooting quality videos. They are ascending now.

Young Pabi ft Worlasi – Undastand (Video)

The percussion sound around which this song is built arrest your ears first, before the inspiring lyrics contained in Yung Pabi’s rhymes dropped. “Undastand” assured all not to despair, hold on to faith that their glory would happen soon.

The video has Yung Pabi and Worlasi along with a crew of dancers having a god time. This is not your highly expensive video. It looks more like an upgraded homemade video. The director, Kofi Brimpong spiced the video up by incorporating shots of some familiar locations in the video to highlight the authenticity of song.

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