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J. Derobie – Irie

Often, when one triumphs over the initial hurdle impeding their dreams a celebration is in order. The joy and excitement that success, even if negligible, fills you must not be overlooked. For J.Derobie, ”Irie”, the second single under his #emPawa deal is the perfect song to cap an eventful four months following the release of his street anthem ”Poverty”

“Irie” is a smoking roots rock reggae tune that grabs you at first listen. The Juls produced reggae beat with its excellently placed horn sections is nothing short of perfect. Juls continues to showcase his versatility with the quality of work he produces. The beat on “Irie” sounds like a cross between Bob Marley’s “War” and something that Damian Jr. Gong Marley would request from his producer. Simple, catchy, traditionally reggae.

J.Derobie’s vocals is smooth and relaxing. He sings about overcoming one’s fears and doubts- an Irie feeling. The Hafiz directed video for “Irie” is people centered: going about their business, making merry. And like the conscious advice/prayer the brethren gave J.Derobie towards the end of the video that is exactly what many, I believe, wish for the young reggae- dancehall artist.

BiQo feat Asi Rene – For You

BiQo is the kind of artist who goes about his business quietly. Except for when he’s making music, performing at shows and sharing a few photos online, BiQo barely exist. But his music is one worth paying attention to. On “For You”, his new single with Asi Rene- who delivered a noteworthy performance on Joojo Addison’s “Guy Man”- the two express affection towards one another: “Even when the sky is falling I”ll stand by you”, BiQo intones on the afropop draped tune produced by Epidemix.

Pappy Kojo ft $pacely – Blessing

Truth be told, $pacely’s ad-libs on “Balance”, the endearing hip hop Pappy Kojo track which featured Joey B gave the song one of its spark. It’s therefore unsurprising to see Pappy invite him for another bite on a song. This time, the LaMeme Gang-er was assigned hook duties on ‘’Blessing’’.

Over a hip hop beat, Pappy Kojo talks about Ewura Efua and how everything about her is a blessing. In typical Pappy Kojo fashion, the lyrics are unfiltered (too raw, like he said on “Realer No”). “Blessing” lacks the exuberance and allure of “Balance”, meaning the new song won’t earn the same currency like his previous single.

LaMeme Gang ft Kuami Eugene – This Year

Three members of the LaMeme Gang collective, Darkovibes, $pacely and RJZ are joined by Kuami Eugene on “This Year”. The song is a declaration to make this year a successful one. Kuami Eugene takes up hook duties with Darkovibes and $pacely dropping a verse each. RJZ adds his own feel to the song, a display that is underwhelming to say the least. The afropop sounding “This Year “deviates from the trap heavy template LaMeme Gang is noted for. It’s as if the collective is making known their musical range with “This Year”.

Tripp Nie – Misunderstood

Tripp Nie is being slept on, unfortunately. He is one of the few rappers who embody the spirit and tenets of hip hop and he confirms this on each record he releases. If all was fair, Tripp Nie should be enjoying the warmth and spoils that the game offers. But, alas, it’s a cold world.

This, however doesn’t seem to hinder the ambitions of the rapper. On his new single “Misunderstood”, he proves why people should pay attention to him. The song opens with a sample of Nina Simon’s 1964 song of the same title, which was sampled on “Perdon” by Efart. The track is about love and Tripp Nie comes clean on how feels about a girl. He presents both his dreams and fears to her in a way that’s deliberate, non-aggressive way. In short, Tripp Nie makes a pitch to this girl. His flow, delivery and soulful tone of “Misunderstood” calls for a reply after the first listen.

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