THE CUTS is a short weekly review of songs, videos and albums that you need to hear. The songs and videos covered are not genre or region specific. If we find it dope, we’ll share our thoughts on it here. BiQo – Mafe Wo BiQo’s new single “Mafe Wo” is one I never saw coming. Yes, he is a talented […]

Super Jazz Club Is Here; Release First Single ”Couple Black Kids”.

You should have seen it coming if you have been following individual members of the collective, Super Jazz Club. They are not a team of old musicians who perform jazz songs. Neither is it the name of a jazz club. The Super Jazz Club is a collective of 7 young guys who are keeping jazz alive by embalming their songs […]


THE CUTS reviews songs, videos or albums we think deserves your attention. The songs or videos covered are not genre and/or region specific. Once it is good, it would be reviewed or featured. THE CUTS is available every FRIDAY J. Derobie – Irie Often, when one triumphs over the initial hurdle impeding their dreams a celebration is in order. The […]

Top 15 Albums According To Us

2018 has been a good year for music. A lot of artists released various, exciting body of works and top singles. Whereas some big name artists continued to make an impression both locally and international in their quest to push their brand, the young emerging acts kept the heat on by releasing some of the best works within the year. […]

BiQo: My Goal of Making Music Is To Create Experiences

If there’s one great thing the internet has done for artists, it is the grain of confidence it has handed them to be whoever they want to be; creatively speaking. For the few brave ones who find happiness in playing the game from the outfield, their decision is often rewarded by the number of fans who genuinely appreciate their creation. […]

THE CUTS EXTRA: Songs You Must Hear

For two weeks, your favourite segment, THE CUTS has not been up due to some important reasons for which we apologize. With a backlog of songs from the past two weeks, we decided to sift through them, picking those we think you must hear, Kwesi Arthur feat KiDi – Don’t Keep Me Waiting One can criticize the generic afropop template […]

BiQO teams with SizzTheTruth on ‘Higher Keys’

Picture this; You, in a convertible, cruising on a highway by the sea, with the wind blowing through your hair, the peaceful atmosphere and the serenity —incredible, right? That is how “Higher Keys” makes one feel; that refreshing feel of authentic sound jumps at you right from the start. And no, it does not let you go—slowly hooking you and […]