THE CUTS is a short review of songs, videos or albums we think you need to hear or watch. The music is not genre and/or region specific. Once it is good, it will be covered here. THE CUTS is available each FRIDAY


Kuvie feat KwakuBs & $pacely -Sheen

‘Sheen’, the fan favourite off Kuvie’s well received EP has a video. And it’s an interesting watch. The video is a celebration of their wins- as individuals and group. With their gold medals hanging off their necks, gold trophies in hand and their big dummy cheques accompanying their wins, Kuvie, KwakuBs and $pacely, along with their tennis playing women are in boisterous mood.
The Kwame Dracula directed video has cameos from members of the LaMeme Gang along with Official Kwame and Kojo Manuel, who played the role of TV announcers. With its ‘gold everything’ theme, it would have been cool for Kuvie, KwakuBs and $pacely to be washed in gold dust; from head to feet.

Ria Boss- Not So Bad (Cover)
One striking thing about Ria Boss is that, she is blessed with a malleable voice that she uses excellently to evoke whatever emotions she wants. Listening to her sing about pain and hope on her short video “Not So Bad”, a cover inspired by Dido’s “Thank You” is soothing. Shot by Abstrakte, the short film has Ria sitting on her bed lost in her world; her ebb and flow voice transporting the listener into her world. Having put out her three part lo-fi ”Experiment” videos months ago, it’d be safe to say she has something to serve soon.

DJ Mic Smith feat kwesi Arthur – Y3nkor
Award winning DJ, Mic Smith recruits rap sensation Kwesi Arthur for his new jam ”Y3nkor”, produced by Kayso. With its mid-tempo flow and Kwesi floating over it with his sing-rap style, he tells a girl of his fantasy to ignore everyone and go with him to chill. Sounding like a man with something to prove to the lady, he praises her beauty, insisting ‘no amount in this whole wide world fi buy you girl’. Kwesi Arthur declares how girls are taken in by appearances: a ploy he and his boys are using to get the girls they desire for their own shenanigans. Considering DJ Mic Smith’s power within the music space, “Y3nkor” is sure to earn heavy rotation.

Yung Pabi –WANUI

Yung Pabi continues to use his music to highlight character traits he considers absurd. On his latest song, WANUI, a corrupted word for ‘Wanuyi” (mouth), he reprimands gossips by detailing how their stock in trade could ruin individuals and society in general. According to him, ‘the scarcity of loyalty and the readiness of this generation to spread secrets inspired me to write this song’. Wanui’s artwork is interesting: Yung Pabi is seen sitting with someone with a parrot head. It’s interesting how the person he’s addressing is man, since men are often seen as keepers of secrets.

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