THE CUTS EP 03 Vol.15

King Promise feat Mugeez, Sarkodie – CCTV

A brown wooden piano, a handful of choristers atop a trailer truck running through the streets of Nungua. King Promise plays the role of an organist and lead vocalist in the video for his new song ”CCTV”. The song has all the traits of a hit in the making: the soft vocals, melody, the mid-tempo feel and the message of hope is everything the Ghanaian listener would enjoy.
King Promise, joined by Mugeez and Sarkodie take turns in praising God for his continuous grace in their life. ‘We have a God who doesn’t blink or sleep. He watches over me like CCTV’, Mugeez exalts God on the hook. ‘
‘CCTV” is a gospel tune. The video features snapshots of everyday working people going about their business- be it trading, hawking, wielding iron gates. King Promise’s pen game and gift for melody are two of his strongest appeals. And these gifts are serving him well.

Vision DJ feat Dice Ailes, Kwesi Arthur & Medikal – Otedola Rmx

Vision DJ remixing Dice Ailes’ ”Otedola” doesn’t come as a surprise. My first introduction to the song was somewhere in March as i was listening to ‘Ryse N Shyne’ on YFM, where Vision DJ runs shotgun with MsNaa. Their comments about the song suggested it was going to earn rotation on the show.
The remix features two of the country’s recognized voices on the rap scene- Kwesi Arthur and Medikal. Whereas Dice Ailes is kept on hook duties, Kwesi Arthur wraps his verse in a sing-rap style. Medikal’s punchlines and wordplay heavy verse scores high, resulting in an appearance among twitter trending topics.
With Dice Ailes on the hook, Kwesi Arthur with the cool and Medikal with the show-off o, expect this jam to be in your ears for a while.

Joey B – Nsa

There’s something going on in Joey B’s orbit: he’s singing more and dropping visuals and audios at the same time. His highlife juices are flowing.
His latest ‘Nsa’ follows the blueprint of previous songs like ‘Sweetie Pie’. The video of ‘Nsa is an exciting watch. The story line is all familiar- a young man from the city visit his folks in the village and get enchanted by a beautiful lady.
There’s drama and humour in the video as well. Joey deserves praise for placing Obuoba J.A. Adofo and the City Boys Band’s hit ‘Nya Asem Hw3’ (Wait Till You Find Yourself in Trouble) as a soundtrack on ‘Nsa’. That’s how we keep these old highlife classics alive.

Yom feat TaraandBella – Serwa Akoto

When Yom released his spoken word piece, Serwaa Akoto exactly a year ago, he was addressing the issue of skin bleaching/toning. In his view, the black skin isn’t just beautiful, but a very luxurious pigment to have. Now, his visuals lives up to the beautiful composition of the audio.
Aesthetically transforming one of the old forts in Jamestown into ocean blue, the setting looks like a performance being witnessed by an audience. The opening drone shot of the video plus the various facial expressions adds to the splendour of the video. Yom, has not only created a simple yet creative video, he has offered video directors and artists a tip on how beautiful it is to shoot an outdoor video at night.

Eri Ife & Remy Baggins feat Bryan the Mensah – My City

There are lot of ways to ‘flex’ a girl- the money, the swag, the car and clothes. For both Eri and Remy, along with Bryan The Mensah, the city in which the live validate who they are.
On ‘My City’, an afro pop tune with minimal trappings, the three invite a girl to their city so they could show her around. Remy, the Lagosian is ready to show her places like Surulele. Eri, from Ibadan, on the other hand is ready to show her the ‘brown roads’ and ‘traffic’. Bryan The Mensah, gives props to Ghana as the centre of waves in Africa. The three acts seem to be in a bidding war for the heart of this lady.
Thanks to its smooth, groovy tone, ‘My City’, off the 5 track collaborative EP between Remy Baggins and Eri Ife’s YLLW.

Sofie – Crimson Sun

From the lyrics, ‘Crimson Sun’ sounds like a song inspired by culture shock and homesickness as depicted by lyrics as ‘young in the city and I’m feeling all alone’. Despite these feelings of uncertainty in what she refers to as a ‘crimson sun’, SOFIE’s is determined to pull through and earn her place through relationships with people from different persuasions- colour, looks and roots.
‘Crimson Sun’ blend elements of pop, folks and a bit of classical music and hip hop (yeah she rapped throughout the song). Within these chaos, SOFIE finds herself and run with the new flow from her evolution. The harp, the bassline and especially the rock guitar solo towards the end makes a beautiful listen.

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