THE CUTS is a weekly round-up of songs and videos that has caught our attention or think you must hear. The music featured here aren’t genre specific. THE CUTS is delivered every FRIDAY

Cuppy feat Sarkodie – VYBE

From the desert lands comes this belly dancing inspired video from Cuppy and Sarkodie. “Vybe” is couched in afropop sentiments and bothers on love- it’s sensations and thrills. The video’s colourful nature- the red linen and gold-like costume worn by the dancers and Cuppy herself; and the fun-filled bike drives as well as the overall choice of location adds to the beauty of the video.
Cuppy is a DJ and producer who has branched out as a singer. Sarkodie didn’t disappoint with his flow, cutting through the beat with both English and Twi rap lines. One may be forgiven if they credit “Vybe” to Sarkodie.
The catchiness of the song- sing along lyrics and groovy beat- and the well conceived and executed video would earn it a place on many music video biased TV slots.
Amaarae – Anthem4DeezH**s

At the age of 19 years, Amaarae freestyled and recorded this song. She has, after 5 years shot a video for it. “Anthem4DeezH**s” is about owning one’s self and emotions and doing what she likes with it. She won’t let any guy have ownership of what is hers. That’s a feminist anthem right there.
The video is fun and playful. The camera follows and captures Amaarae in various moods: she’s seen in a Buddha style posture, lying on a coloured mat or playing at a kids playground and riding a stationary bike singing in part: “I don’t wanna love no more/ I don’t wanna get tricked and get drunk no more”. She wants to do things on her own terms. This (fun) video is a precursor to the serious lined up later.
S3kyerewaa – Someday

This is steeped in real black church worship vibes. Her voice glides easily and the absence of instrumentals makes it even better- you can appreciate her vocal qualities. The half acapella “Someday” is a motivational/ prayer styled tune.
The opening hums and the repeated song title gives way to her first words, which references the opening lines of the ‘Lord’s Prayer’. S3kyerewaa then put forward her request to God; to ‘bless our hustle with more paper’.
The second part of the song is where the drums and snares drop to add colour to ‘Someday’. She repeats the lyrics of the first verse. Despite the drums, her vocals remains steady, fresh and unwaivering.
Ato Kilson- Caprice

Caprice is a suburb of Accra bordered by Alajo, Tesano and Kokomlemle. But to Ato Kilson, Caprice has more to it’s fame.
In this homemade video, he pays homage to ‘Caprice’; his hood and how young fellas like himself are trying to make it with their music. Ato shares his dreams and the hardwork needed to make it- writing, recording, sacrificing sleep. His talk-rap flow and his use of both pidgen and Ga is worth mentioning.
True Airnegi – Deep (Intro)
‘Deep’ cut is an intro to a musical project, it’s short 1:51 seconds run states clearly. It carries a minimal space-y aura with True Airnegi coming in with a short rap verse. There are minor glitch: his offbeat rapping. And even though the beat produced by Tukay might have invited some bars, it’d have been better keepimg it short or leaving it untouched.
Pistis TEM feat Eli – It’s Aarhyt
Highlife grooves. Palmwine guitar strumming through. Pistis TEM lacing a rap verse about life and it’s unpredictable turns. His desire for success led to trade his freedom for servitude.
The battering of life aside, Pistis and Eli (who sings the hook) to keep it going for it will be alright in the end. Don’t know what informed the decision to perform the hook in patois. Didn’t sit well with the vibe of the song.

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