Kwé Is Here With The Groove And Good Stories on Debut EP

Kwé has undergone metamorphose with regards to his new name. The Ghanaian musician and producer used to go by the name Psyko. And the metamorphosis came with the release of his self-titled debut EP.  Kweku Nelson aka Kwé (a short form of his real name Kweku) has been making music for a while. In 2017, he released two projects- a […]

Video: Sarkodie And Efya Affirm Their ‘Love’ On “Saara”

Magic happens whenever Sarkodie and Efya join forces on a song. The chemistry between the two is outstanding, with both parties offering their best shot. There appears to be a subliminal friendly competition between the two parties- one that is more complimentary than the outshining another on a record. “Saara” produced by MOG affirms this forcefully. The fourth single off […]

Lord Paper Deserves Our Attention

There is no such thing as bad publicity. It all boils down to how one flips it to their advantage. There is no industry that prides itself on the exploitation of publicity than the showbiz industry. Whereas some actors within the space deliberately-and creatively- get themselves entangled in controversies (mostly bad since bad news sells) to advance their profile, others […]

DredW X Magnom Are The Perfect Pair On ”Songs For Her”

There comes a time when one’s decision to stay off the limelight becomes the wrong option. Not when you are an active player within the entertainment scene and have your name on some decent pieces of work. No matter your persona, you have to place a face to the creativity. And, in this era of social media where personality often […]

When Veterans Leave Room For Mockery

The Ghanaian culture frowns on criticizing elders especially in public. It’s deemed reprehensible and uncouth. No matter how wrong or disingenuous the actions of the elder, it’s often the duty of the young person to keep quiet, tolerate their actions and go on as if nothing has ever happened. After all, an elder is wiser than a young person. But, […]

Kyei Nwom’s “Damebi” Is The Song You Didn’t Know You Needed

One of the cardinal sins of the music industry and its issue of over saturation of music is that, many good songs by young, unpopular artists get lost in the maze. If you are lucky or belong to the group of music diggers who don’t consume most of what mainstream radio serves, you are bound to find some of these […]

“Afrobeats LOL” Stands As FOKN Bois’ Most Commercial Album (Thus Far)

The FOKN Bois are your quintessential agent provocateurs. Their music tend to speak truth to power and also tackle issues that afflict humanity, especially those society  refuses to address despite their debilitating impact. So, themes like corruption- be it political or economic, social inequality, religious exploitation,lawlessness and indiscipline are the linchpins of most of their musical or cinematic creations. Take […]

Blitz The Ambassador -Accra City Blues

Accra, the city that became the capital of colonial Gold Coast in 1877 is a dreamer’s paradise. It is the heartbeat of Ghana, the country, and the heartthrob of many residing outside the perimeters of the city. In the eyes of many of such people, Accra is where dreams become reality. According to the 2012 population census figures, Accra is […]

Throwback: Charles Amoah – Medofo Pa

Two things are poignant in the songs ace highlifer, Charles Amoah has created: first is the fusion or incorporation of electro funk and disco elements in his songs; and second, his love for improvisation. With the latter, Charles Amoah ‘sings’ the melodies reserved for either guitar or horn players. Charles Amoah is one of the foremost pioneers of burger highlife, […]

Keep An Eye on WurlD, The Nigerian Pop Artist

There is a scene in “Concussion”, the Will Smith movie in which he plays, a Nigerian neurologist whose pioneering research established a link between dementia and mental health issues suffered by NFL players and the head crashing injuries they suffer during their active years. In that scene, Will Smith, or Dr. Bennet Omalu politely asked the woman who’d become his […]