Throwback: Soulatidoe – Ka W’ano Tumu

What do you know about Soulatidoe? Do you even remember them? Do you know how much they contributed to the hiplife movement? Do you know their story? And how they made one of the most important records during their active years? One of the things I enjoy about documenting the music scene in Ghana is receiving links to some good […]

Talking Verses: Pappy Kojo Dazzling Verse on “All Black”

Black has been my favourite colour for as long as I remember. It has come to underline a basic philosophy of life that I hold. My love for black almost led to a rare disagreement between myself and my dad. I was about to enter the University. As it was, I had to get new clothes for school. Shopping money […]

Agyekum’s Classic “Hohuo Asem” And Hammer’s (Last 2) Regret

In 2011, legendary music producer Hammer (Last 2), produced a song that became a treasured record among a crop of music lovers. Unlike most of his renowned works, this particular single did not become a national hit. However, the song has become an almost cult classic among some fans. As Hammer would admit, he did not ‘put resources” behind the […]

How D-Cryme Stole A Moment And Won Our Hearts On “Get On The Dancefloor”

If D-Cryme had given up music after his nationwide hit “Kill Me Shy”, Ghanaians would still have remembered the Tema based rapper with reverence as we do Jay Dee of “Alampan” fame. D-Cryme’s stake in today’s music has not been as resolute as many would have hoped. He was tipped for greater things after earning his breakthrough: first off a […]

Throwback: Keteke- Chio Chio

2001. Metro TV. Advertising Cycle. Skyy Power FM. Radio Valco. These are the memory dots I have about the lead single from the three-man rap group Keteke. “Chio Chio” was the group’s magnum opus. Keteke became an overnight celebrity off the back of this record. Unlike some who fade into black after scoring a big hit single, the group would […]

Throwback: Wanlov – Human Being

2007. University of Ghana. Tyme Out, Legon Hall. It was the night DJ Black and his crew from Joy FM hosted the “Open House Party” live from the University of Ghana campus. The days leading up to the event had witnessed students making plans to be in attendance. I was not certain on going. So, when the day came, I […]

Throwback: Wutah Fired Up The Country With Their “Big Dreams”

Wutah made a song that offered hope in the face of the gloom life presents. A reminder to take that leap to faith knowing things would be alright in the end. Perhaps, the biggest mistake Wutah did was going their separate ways when the better option was to resolve the impasse that brewed between them. At the time they broke […]

Akyeame Set The Sonic Template For Hiplife With ”Me San Aba”

So, the story went like this: Two young rappers keen on recording an album approached an established music producer to help them realize their dream. The first question the producer asked them was whether they had money to pay for his services, to which they responded in the negative. He therefore asked them to go and bring whatever money that […]

Throwback: Charles Amoah – Medofo Pa

Two things are poignant in the songs ace highlifer, Charles Amoah has created: first is the fusion or incorporation of electro funk and disco elements in his songs; and second, his love for improvisation. With the latter, Charles Amoah ‘sings’ the melodies reserved for either guitar or horn players. Charles Amoah is one of the foremost pioneers of burger highlife, […]

That Time Obrafour And Scooby Selah Went To War On “Asem Sebe”

When legendary Ghanaian rapper, Obrafour is going to war, he prepares very extensively. He goes into battles to mutilate his rivals. As a reputed rapper whose eloquence and mastery of the Twi language is as impeccable as a seasoned linguist, he chooses his words with care; each lyric carved to pierce the heart and body of his enemy, one line […]