Singer-songwriter, Susan Augustt teams up with the Band Adorkor for debut album “Adorkor Volume 1”

Singer-songwriter, Susan Augustt teams up with the Band Adorkor for debut album “Adorkor Volume 1”

After a successful solo career, Susan Augustt as she has decided to put it, is being adopted by the Band ADORKOR to push their careers to another level. This alliance for this project only seeks to combine the forces of a powerful voice and a well-organized group of amazing technical instrumentalists with one aim: rekindling the once very famous live band music from Ghana.

Susan is an abundantly gifted singer who creates Neo-afro Soul pieces blending traditional Ghanaian rhythms like Highlife, Agbadza, Kpanlogo to fuse with the Soul and Rock interpretations contributed by her fellow musicians. She is a well-established and successful singer-songwriter on the Ghana music scene. She has performed on several live stages in Accra in her own right and featured on stage and in the studio with many local artists. In December 2019, together with her longtime manager and copartner of Creativematta Music, Jeff Arthur, she teamed up with artist development coach and artistic director, Ivor Placca to turn her artistry into a viable music brand on the world stage.

On stage, ADORKOR embodies Neo-afro Soul like no other band. This vibrant and talented young band present their music as uniquely colorful, combining Soul, Funk, Afrobeat, Jazz and Rock with textures of Ghanaian rhythms like Highlife – taking the audience on a musical voyage through the “wow” and highs at every listen.

The album “ADORKOR VOLUME 1” is a nine-song project which combines different genres from track 1 to 9. The versatility is blatantly displayed on the album with Highlife and Afro-pop the most featured. This album might not be a sample of a standard thematic set of music, but it does present an abstract that seeks to announce a pattern which is in this case is a combination of relevant social issues in our settings. Women empowerment, appreciation for our rich history and culture, to mention a few.

On this album, with inspiration from life experiences, Susan Augustt performs a beautifully crafted love song which precedes a rather more relatable heartbreak song for all young women going through either of this in their lives. On this album Susan performs remake of 3 songs from Susan Augustt 2019 ‘’Effects’’ EP: the songs ‘Obaa’, ‘Foreign Love’ and ‘Dromo’.

After the long wait, the ‘’ADORKOR VOLUME 1’’ is available on all music platforms for fans across the globe. This album is indeed worth your time and worth a listen.

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