Men behind The Republic Bar, Kofi (L) and Raja Owusu-Ansah Photo: Al-Jazeera

‘The Republic Bar has some pricey gems some of these businesses could pick and keep their customer service tool boxes forever glistening’.

THE FIRST TIME I HEARD of The Republic Bar was in an article written by Nana Sakyiamah (@nas009) of (I think).  The image I formed after reading her article was a plush hangout point exclusively reserved for the fat cats-big wallet wielding locals and expats and other middle class folks- like are with some of the many restaurants dotted across the city of Accra.
What enforced that perception even more was that, The Republic Bar sits, in the heart of Accra –Osu, along the famous high class Oxford Street stretch. The Bar is located a metres behind the Osu Mall.
Though Nana’s article did whet my appetite-thanks to the superbly described food and cocktails served, I wasn’t really moved to find its location until last year when I found myself there. A friend, Kwame Write, offered me directions to the place after ‘balling out’ at rapper, M.anifest’s block party in Madina.
Was I amazed? Yes, by the ambience-there were a blend of people, locals and expats out for the fun. Was I excited? Yup! Courtesy the food and drinks and the music dished. Since then, The Republic Bar has become a favourite hanging out spot. I make it out there at least once a month unless there is a performance or show I want to see.
There are many appeals that attract people to The Republic Bar. Talk of the amazing and riveting music set delivered by their resident and invited DJs, which spans a variety of music catalogue-Afrobeats or pop, Electro, House, hip hop, old school music. The Bar also place host to live musical performances from both old and new artistes and performance poets. There is also the sizzling and mouth watering dishes served-fried yam, chicken wings, pork, goat sauce) and the world famous local gin (akpeteshie) based, unique and intriguingly named cocktails.

Passion Fruit infused with cane spirit, one of the many cocktails The Republic is famed for

The atmosphere at The Republic Bar reeks of conviviality and infectious camaraderie and the patrons either stringing in one at a time or in groups always leave making new acquaintances or a smile filled face. Or both.
”The finest boulder on which the Republic Bar hinges strongly is their unblemished customer service”.
The downside for me is there’s too much smoke floating in the air when the people are out to party despite it being an open bar. I always leave with a congested nose. If management would have a Smoke Only section for the smoke puffing clients, it would be very much appreciated.
Despite the above outlined appeals, the finest boulder on which the Republic Bar, founded by brother’s Raja and Kofi Owusu-Ansah, hinges strongly is their unblemished customer service. The least minutes a customer would have his/her request(s) attended to is between 1-3 minutes (for the drinks which are mostly made on the spot). For food, one has to wait for at least 10 minutes, your ordered drink would keep you company if you are alone.
republic 4
The handful of bar attendants, despite the large number of clients on a typical Friday, Saturday night or mid week when a show is on, they succeed in attending to each customer’s table in a clockwork fashion. Interestingly, the attendants are ever ready and willing to engage clients in a decent conversation on issues not necessary pertaining to the services they provide. You can’t forget to tip them for all the ‘treatment’ they offer you. They make you feel good and special.
The attendants, like the founders recognize that excellent customer service is the linchpin of every business which seeks to survive the turbulent and competitive space especially in the service provision sub-sector. They recognize that topnotch customer services translate into a boom in clients and directly impacts on the financial position of Accra City’s finest outdoor bar.
republic 3
Revelers chilling at The Republic Bar

The Republic Bar has without a doubt, in its two (2) years of existence has become a ‘Mecca’ for revelers especially visitors to the City seeking a relaxed environment where they can unwind. The magic of The Republic as Accra’s top ‘chilling’ spot is aptly captured by one of the founders, Raja. ‘The Republic Bar is a place where good music, good price (food, drinks), good environment, good ambience and correct (right) people) surround you’.

And with the talk of a dwindling customer service in most businesses in Ghana gaining attention, one can safely argue that The Republic Bar has some pricey gems some of these businesses could pick and keep their customer service tool boxes forever glistening.


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