EFYA AND THE WINNING FORMULA: A Case of Competing Against Oneself

In the absence of real competition, EFYA has chosen to see herself as her own competitor.
Since bursting on the Ghanaian music scene some six (6) years ago with 2 evergreen singles-A MOMENT’S NOTICE (Odo Y3 D3) and NOTHING (after going solo)-the Afro Pop/Soul songstress EFYA (Jane Awindor) has carved a formidable niche for herself. The 27 year old has assumed a cult-figure status in the eyes of many music fans.
efWith strings of chart topping singles as a testament to her talent, she keeps growing, pushing and incessantly enchanting almost everyone who has come into close proximity with her music. EFYA’s music, like a whirlwind, swallows the listener up and seduces their senses, leaving in its wake a tingling sensation of satisfaction. She is yet to drop a piece of ‘junk’ on us in her short career.
The extraordinary talent and sophisticated quality exuded by EFYA has led to her getting featured on international networks and performing on some of the biggest stages in Africa. Last week she was among Ghanaian artistes featured on BBC’S GLOBAL BEATS show.
EFYA by Kusai Her talent has been recognized and rewarded both in Ghana and outside. She scooped the Best Ghanaian Female Musician at the recent City and Peoples Entertainment Awards. In Ghana, she has won the Best Female Vocalist Award on four consecutive times. Honestly, I think it’s time she is exempted from the nomination per this category.
Interestingly, EFYA has no album to her credit. T.I.N.T (This Is Not The Album) released late last year, is/was a mixtape, embodying some of her previous works. Her anticipated album, LOVE GENESIS has been in the works for the past 2 years. We should pray she drops it this year
ef yaSo the question worth asking is: what has accounted for EFYA’s success and seeming ‘invincibility’? Can she be stopped anytime soon? Is the female music scene short on talents to offer her a stiffer, respectable challenge or competition?
Anybody who has followed the career trajectory of the LITTLE THINGS singer will realize that the versatile songstress is in a league of her own. Her unrivalled talent, achievements and status of EFYA is underpinned by the fact that she, EFYA is her own competitor. From her riveting performances- no matter the size of stage and audiences, down to her songs-solo or featured-she never disappoints. She is constantly out-performing herself. And in a space where there seem to be no one snapping at her heels, seeing herself as her real opponent is the best way to go. BUT…
There’s, however, a new crop of young talents emerging on the music scene who can give the ‘Afro Pop Queen’ a stiffer competition. The likes of MzVEE, WIYAALA, YAA YAA (Bertha), LADY JAYWAH and the ‘old faces’ of Irene Logan, Raquel and also Nana Yaa are there waiting to take her crown. Nana Yaa, who can be described as a veteran has exhibited her classiness on a number of tracks. (Remember her on the legendary music supremo, Kojo Antwi’s Amirika and a couple others)?


Nana Yaa is currently working on her new album and fingers crossed, may release single(s) by end of year. The new generation of female singers must step up their game in other to break the ceiling to be noticed by those here in Ghana and outside. This will also increase the competitive nature on the female music scene.
As it stands now, it will be foolhardy for anyone to think EFYA’s crown is there for the taking. Unless EFYA decides not to compete with herself again, it surely will take a lot for these budding vocalists to catch up with her.



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