Watch: King George VIII Releases His Video For “SILENCE”

King George VIII is the moniker of 27-year-old Norwegian/Ghanaian artist George Kwadwo Ofori. His work as a producer has spanned eight years and counting, with a passion for music preceding that well into his childhood. It is this very period of his life that has served as the inspiration for much of the artist’s music; and this is well clad […]

Watch “Aprodoo” Documentary and Video By Akan

Two years after the release of his highly acclaimed debut album, rapper Akan is still releasing materials off the back of the album. “Onipa Akoma”, the 2017 debut was described by this blog as the best album of this decade. The album’s brilliance lied more with how it was conceptualized; a tale about life – from birth to death – […]

M.anifest Stars in ‘’Hearts And Time’’; A Short Film

How do you create a 3 to 5 minutes video out of hours of video reels without compromising the ideas and vision of the artist, and also elicit the desired satisfaction from the viewing audience? This is mostly the challenge of directors in the audio-visual space. Even the most experienced music video directors and filmmakers cannot avoid these circumstances. Shooting […]

Top M.anifest Music Videos

Music videos are an important tool in the arsenal of any artiste. They provide another avenue to express the meanings behind any song. Whether it’s a simple video of an artiste singing in a studio or one as elaborate enough to exhaust a small film budget, music videos help extend a musician’s story. Much like a beat maker adds depth […]

M.anifest Begs His Way To Love In “Big Mad” Video

“Big Mad” arrived a week ago to profound excitement from the army of “Manifans” who have been badgering M.anifest to release new music. Since announcing the release of a new album- which would be his first in three years- the demand has been excessively deafening. A day never goes by without fans asking him about the album on twitter. To […]

Amaarae Flips The Script With “Like It” Video

Ghanaian alte music act, Amaarae has been as sophisticated with her music videos as she does with everything associated with her – her looks, texture of her music, how she moves within the music space and more. The concepts of her videos are brilliantly compelling, aesthetically appealing, subtly provocative and of course, elegantly artsy, as evidenced by “Fluid” and ‘‘Spend […]

Video: Sarkodie And Efya Affirm Their ‘Love’ On “Saara”

Magic happens whenever Sarkodie and Efya join forces on a song. The chemistry between the two is outstanding, with both parties offering their best shot. There appears to be a subliminal friendly competition between the two parties- one that is more complimentary than the outshining another on a record. “Saara” produced by MOG affirms this forcefully. The fourth single off […]

Ko-Jo Cue – You Alone (Video)

Ko-Jo Cue emerges from the back of a crowd, pushing and shoving towards the front where the small congregated crowd stare at the photos of some great Ghanaian legends within the entertainment space who art had passed away. Images of legends like Super OD, Araba Stamp, Kiki Gyan, Charles Kofi (CK) Mann, Terry Bonchaka, Owusu-Ansah, Ronny Coaches plus others beam […]

NiiQuaye Invites All To Dance To His Highlife Tune “Twa Wonan Ase”

There is a song for every situation in one’s life; be it for the good or bad. These songs tend to vividly capture an experience that you feel the musician or songwriter was lurking somewhere observing your situation. That was my sentiment when I heard “Twa Wona Ase”, a song by NiiQuaye. The multi- instrumentalist and music producer recruited AYAT […]

Video: Trigmatic Explores The Beauty In Giving On “My Life (Remix)”

A simple act of generosity can go a long way to make an impact on a person’s life, and that of others. Often times, we fail to see or wrap minds around the fact that, what may be ‘worthless’ to us might turn out to be someone’s treasure. The mantra ‘one man’s meat is another man’s poison’ aptly fit this […]